3.3.0d Patch Notes

sounds good
1.6 gb for only that? Damn, i wish i had better internet...
please fix the elemental shot data corruption crash (elehit.dds). Steam & STANDALONE (ESPECIALLY STANDALONE) are affected

PM me when this is done with a link to either a thread, or direct patch notes.
What about Grand Conquest armor pack textures improvement? :(

If those steel plates would look like steel and not like rubber, it would be great - i still love that armor, but needs more love!
Wouldn't be a patch without unnecessarily removing a bunch of cool fun stuff. I bet a weapon swap "on equip" nerf is next.
No fun allowed.™
Finally a patch where a crash with scorching ray and Cast when channeling is fixed. Great thanks.
Im new, and want to know why patches that big? 2.6GB last week , 1.6GB this :D. Only for bugs fix patch?(minor patch) is that normal? the GB of patch are always like that? I am asking because of my slow internet .
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Extremely dissapointed with the mine+trap nerf. Its not playable anymore considering the amount of links required namely remote mine,minefield/cluster trap,advance trap support(if trap cooldown was even working for mines); You get 0 more dmg modifiers!
Hmmm what’s with maelstrom of chaos and incursions?
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Hey GGG, thanks for making such a fun game. I play on Xbox and I have a suggestion that might ruffle some feathers, maybe... You should consider moving the stash, Lily, weylam and such in front of the head of Kitava. That little area feels so much better to stand around in. Idk maybe it's just me but you should look into it I think people would like it. Anyway the updates are great, thanks for buffing my blade vortex, I can actually do stuff now. Cheers.

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