3.3.0d Patch Notes

hmm all this bug fixes yet the one that said was fixed isnt for me.. I still crash pretty every time i zone.. at least before it was only every now and then.. now its all the time.
Thanks for Shocked ground fix !!
Aaaaand mirror & blink arrow army build is nerfed (dead) again, no fun allowed...
Riael1 wrote:
Hartlin_GGG wrote:
Remote mines which place traps with a cooldown now consume as many cooldowns as mines are placed (ie. Seismic Trap supported by Remote Mine Support and Minefield Support will consume 3 Seismic Trap charges and place 3 mines). Waiting long enough for the cooldown to reset will allow mines supported by Multiple Traps Support or Cluster Traps Support to place additional traps.

...Why do you hate clonemancer that much?

You made it a build of the week and a month later make it completely unplayable, just why?

That's why you never want your build to be a build of the nerfpatch
Chat issues are STILL NOT FIXED:

Completed 5 Challengesneoc666 wrote:
Still no fix for chat bugs:

If you disable the chat by clicking the "GLOBAL" tab, it re-enables every time you use any /command. Which is very inconvenient because we of course still don't have a key binding for /hideout so we have to type it in chat.

I reported this two times in 3.2, didn't even get an answer:


Also there is a bug where chat keeps scrolling up or down and all you can do about it is to relog. Maybe this has something to do with switching between Windows and PoE (fullscreen window mode).

Is using chat now deprecated?
Why is the patch 1.6 gb if its only small fixes?
Question to GGG team.

Why are minor updates with tweaks and patches so large in size?

A change from "c" to "d" with a few mior tweaks, no new content, and a 1.6 gb download?
And the previous one - "c" was 2.5 gb?

Not everyone has access to broadband unfortunately. This is extremely annoying, especially when this is happening every week.

If they really have to be so large due to whatever properties of game engine make this happen less often if you can please.

fix long loading screens
Why all the patches are soooo huge (in GB?)

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