3.3.0d Patch Notes

monsoon1 wrote:
"Fixed a bug where Arcane Surge would not work when supporting a castable spell which was linked to a Cast when Damage Taken Support gem"

Can you clarify this please?

Level 1 Cast when Damage Taken + Level 20 Arcane Surge + Level 20 Fireball.

Fireball's level is too high to be triggered by Cast when Damage Taken, therefore it can only be self-cast. Prior to this fix, when you'd cast Fireball, Arcane Surge would not apply its buff. After this fix, Arcane Surge will apply its buff.
Incursions can no longer spawn in the Maelström of Chaos unique map.

rip exalts
Please fix Alva. She gets bugged a lot!!!
She doesn't open portals to the temple in my ho anymore :(
Nice. I like the new ground effects and am glad to see them tweeked a bit more (the invisible burning ground was def annoying heh).
Added new voiced dialogue for Alva Valai when exploring the jungles outside the Temple of Atzoatl.

goddamn when someone posted that on global 1, i lol'd so hard i died in the temple.

I don't know why I found this so funny, perhaps my humour is in the middle of the jungle
2.3 gb for what??? porn ???
they killed a build that isnt top tier lol
Please reply to your whispers for items... Even if you are mapping, in a rotation, in uber lab, or if its sold. Thank you. :D

I was worried you guys were gonna nerf Arc the day after I made the build.
Most happy about the shocked ground it was very hard to see anything but the ground an gave me a headache so just ran the one map with it a choice of curser color would really help ... me
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Riael1 wrote:
Hartlin_GGG wrote:
Remote mines which place traps with a cooldown now consume as many cooldowns as mines are placed (ie. Seismic Trap supported by Remote Mine Support and Minefield Support will consume 3 Seismic Trap charges and place 3 mines). Waiting long enough for the cooldown to reset will allow mines supported by Multiple Traps Support or Cluster Traps Support to place additional traps.

...Why do you hate clonemancer that much?

You made it a build of the week and a month later make it completely unplayable, just why?

in case you didn't know, build of the week was originally 'builds to be considered nerfing'

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