3.3.0d Patch Notes

4 patches in since 3.3. performance just goes downhill. and you wonder why people call oyu sellouts.
My friend who played with me several leagues before said he was constantly lagging from 3.3. Now after 3.3.0d he crashes everytime right when he opens his character. GGG please fix and stop making more bugs.
I have the same issue i keep DCing ever since the updates and patching this is stupid i cant even be on the server for longer than 5 min and i seems like its kicking me faster and faster and GGG doesn't seem to do much acknowledgment of the issue on the the forums that i can see.
no word on the lagg when entering some temples; I mean this is a big issues when u enter and 50 million spitters hit u and your dead literally in 2secs..
Looking at the population graphic and the forum activity - the things does not looks bright after 3.x.

Please stop bullsh*ting around and set ES / CI to the levels which they was before the uber stupid 3.x, else the game will slowly start fading away, because the only thing currently which is making unique and interesting is the approach of the ES / CI. ( at least it was until sh*tstorm called 3.x ).
Last edited by Yordan on Jun 30, 2018, 3:37:57 AM
does onslaught no work anymore on raider im at full frenzy charege and i gont get onslaught

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