[3.6] Gladiator Bleed Machine: Double Strike/Reave Build

Hello it's my first guide at all. At the start I would like to apologize for the poor english grammar.



In fact, nothing big has changed, we only got a buff.
- Daresso's Defiance now grants Onslaught for 5 (up from 2) seconds per Endurance Charge when hit, and 60-90 (up from 40-60) Life. Existing versions can be updated with the Divine Orb. New versions also grant 60-100% increased Onslaught effect. Upgrading can mean a price increase, it's really top tier now.

-and War Banner which is also a perfect complement to this build. At 3.5 we will use Grace + Herald of Purity + War Banner.


T14 Palace https://youtu.be/LCs3XrPL71E
T16 Hydra https://youtu.be/tMd7NiYvHE4
Temple of Atzoatl 80 lvl https://youtu.be/F1OKNqUKDCc

Double Strike:
T16 Phoenix https://youtu.be/z6a13FUwXPU
Carcass T15 duo Boss https://youtu.be/W51qLI3j9_g
T16 Minotaur https://youtu.be/UJyrPMxbXFA i die for my slack once :D

I will add more Videos Soon!


It is inspired by another Bleed build i play https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1951094 and have alot of fun (was my favorite build) but author stop update this build, so i make my Bleed Build. We using dual wield Dreamfeather Sword as core items and make evasion a def and offence stat! We get great buff for Double Strike [Adds (3-113) to (5-169) Physical Damage against Bleeding Enemies] that's make a ton dmg and Bleed damage (we have 8 stack of Bleed so it's work for 7 of them), if you dont like Double Strike or want faster clear speed on regular map build works great witch Reave! Build have great Leech.


Die 2 times on my first try ever! thats why im die just alot mistakes :)

- Can do all content
- Budget
- Good survivability (Alot of Evasion/Block/AA/Blind enemy)
- Solid clearspeed (Reave looks like top tier, Double Strike a bit slower)
- Using crazy mechanics
- Great Lab Farmer
- Bleed it's main dps source but we still hit hard :)

- Hard to Check real DPS (even PoB don't calculate Crimson Dance and Bleed properly)
- It's Still evasion build, you can get occasional one hit on crazy map mode.
- Maddening Presence visual effect (great buff but i hate that circle).

PoB Link


TANKY VERSION - https://pastebin.com/3UEzSVbP !!!
(Sheaper's Deadless)

[DPS it's wrong, Crimson Dance are not calculated for 8 stack we have on target, and it's some other missing on flat damage from Double Strike]



Bleed it's not calculated from hit DPS just from your base Physical DMG (weapon dmg*skill base dmg + flat dmg from gear) So on Rare items we looks for Flat Physical DMG! I will link my actual gear (it's crap but work fine i kill Sheaper firt time ever! :O

So Stats priority it's:

Resist Cap/HP/Flat Physical Damage/Evasion


It's your core items, we stack Eva and get 2% Attack Damage every 450 evasion, Attack Speed, flat Evasion, Movement Speed.
Cost: 1 alch - 5-10 chaos (for a good corrupt one)


High Evasion and Armour, Leech, Dodge chance, HP, Onslaught (up time it's really good), cost 1 chaos for good stats one, or 25 chaos for already 5 link one.

There it's one better Body Armour [The Perfect Form] but it's full Evasion so it's really hard to get 5 Red socket and when we get one we need to change gear and stack alot of cold ress. So its an endgame option for us.


It's Best option for us, we get Flat Physical DMG, Life, Maddening Presence (10% slow and reduce dmg from enemy), Free Vulnerability
Cost: 5-30 chaos


I use this one, but you can use Rare if you have a good one and need some Resist etc. Good option it's have corruption [Grace has XX% increased aura effect] it's really cheap not much build use Grace aura!


Two Really cheap Ring i will check for update, flat Evasion/% Evasion will be nice option for Rings.


High Evasion, life, resist, Flat dmg on gloves. Simply Crap.


Rumi it's best def flask we can get! Can give us 30% spell block (Versatile Combatant node), Armour, Hit Block
Witchfire Brew and Jade Flas are our DPS/Def boost, so it's great!

You look for:
-% Life
-% Increased Damage
-% Increased Damage with Bleeding
-% Increased Damage Over Time

Abyss option:
- flat life
- flat Physical Damage

Watcher's Eye for Grace it's Really cheap and can give you %Life and some defence node (more Evasion or Blind).



LVL 94 SKILL TREE: goo.gl/Z6Cj7d


1. Blood in the Eyes
2. Gratuitous Violence
3. Painforged
4. Versatile Combatant


So we have some MIX of Defence. My Actual Stats (90 lvl, gear like below):

HP: 6166
Armour: 4911: 28% Reduction in Hideout but we have like 90% of time 3x Endurance charge, Arctic Armour, Vaal Molten Shell for use and Molten Shell on CWDT Setup, Fortify and Rumi's Flask give us another 3000. My point it's if Evade/Dodge/Block don't work and we get Hit we have tons of defence that 2nd hit in a row can't kill us :)
Evasion: Base- 13009 (i think if im upgrade my crapy gear i can get +/-18-20k base), it's 48% Evade chance.
Buffed - 28936 it's 64% Evade Chance.
Block: Base - 32% Spell/Attack, after Hit "Painforged" give us another 8% and Rumi, buffed it's 60% for Attack and 67% for Spells.
Other: We have great Leech, Vaal Grace (34% dodge spell/Attack for 9sec) 30% extra crit DMG from belt after one crit we have no extra damage from crit thanks Soul of Solaris, Soul of Gruthkul, Blind and alot more small thinks.


Major: Soul of Solaris
Minor: Soul of Gruthkul

But you can choice what you want, for me this two it's best.



Reave vs Double Strike: Double Strike it'a alot of better for Boss and long fight, Reave it's for mapping but feel free if you want use Reave for boss fight (its work too!). Min maxing say Double Strike for Boss :)

Double Strike:
Vaal Double Strike - Chance to Bleed - Melee Splash(clear)/Ruthless(Bosses) - Melee Physical Damage - Multistrike - Brutality

Vaal skill it's Great for Bosses!


Vaal Reave - Chance to Bleed - Ruthless - Melee Physical Damage - Multistrike - Brutality

Vaal Grace - Increased Duration - War Banner

Blasphemy - Vulnerability - Herald of Purity

Ancestral Protector: for longer fight

Ancestral Protector - Brutality - Bloodlust - Blood Rage (dont need to be linked).


Whirling Blades - Faster Attack - Blood Magic - Fortify

CWDT Setup: (i use maks lvl of gems for CWDT)

CWDT - Immortal Call - Summon Flame Golem - Vaal Molten Shell (CWDT proc normal Molten Shell, Vaal you can use when you need!)

I will still work on this guide, make some lvling guide etc. But need more time! For now ENJOY!
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dude! thank you for building this; I love that original build and will give this a go!
no Red Storm?
Raikoben33 wrote:
no Red Storm?

No, we already have 100% chance to bleed (25% from support gem, 50% from gladiator and 25% from Razor's Edge passives), alot better it's spend this 3 points for Swords or Dual Wield's node (Blade Master, Blade of Cunning, Blade Barrier).

Red Storm can be a good option for lvling when we don't have 100% bleed chance when we get 100% we dont need it. When i will have a bit more time i will make a lvling section.
Whats about bandits? kraytin?
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Whats about bandits? kraytin?

I prefer 2 passives, but Kraityn and Oak can be an option too.
is 2,4k life low for lvl 64?
Substerino wrote:
is 2,4k life low for lvl 64?

Yes, it's very low. Try to get +life on all rare items you use. I see you dont get life on it.
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Hi! thanks for the build that I was waiting for! No sick shaper stat stick and glad using double strike + grace realy nice concept :) But which corruptions are the best for dreamfeather?
Hi! thanks for the build that I was waiting for! No sick shaper stat stick and glad using double strike + grace realy nice concept :) But which corruptions are the best for dreamfeather?

I'm glad you like the build!

Best corruptions are:
[(16–20)% increased Physical Damage] and [(5–7) to (10–12) Physical Damage]

it's really close options, for Double Strike you need only one corrupt weapon (for Reave both will boost you), alot easier it's make/buy a Increased Physical Damage. Just segregate Dreamfather by pDPS on trade, the first one it's the best one for us.

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