[3.7] Trickster Regin of Chaos: Death Oath + Soulrend DOT Build

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Hello, I wanted to share my second created build: Trikster bases on chaos damage over time with Death Aura as core. Build is based on HP (usually death oath is played under CI) I decided to use the new Timeless Jewel and build a character for high chaos resistance as our main defensive, additionally using the reduction of chaos dmg from available resources. Offensive to clear fast we use Death Aura, assisted by 6-link Soulrend with Cast while channeling + Blight which gives perfect damage on single target, increases damage and defense during channeling and thanks to infused buff after finishing the channeling. Soulrend has an amazing range, can kill offscreen, it allows us to escape away and still make good damage when the situation requires it. For now I have level 90, the character is fresh, I don't have all level 20 games yet, and so far I have made almost all content, T16 and Sheaper without problems, I have not been at Uber Elder yet, but in the near future I will try it :)



https://youtu.be/cVR33LhNSCY - Chimera T16
https://youtu.be/taI8NQUJSaI - Deady multimod Lighthouse T14
https://youtu.be/Nc-QSQg-eG8 - Sheaper [Deathles]
https://youtu.be/H2YdXF3VAd4 - Hydra T16
https://youtu.be/H-lCzOkTfUU - Spider Forest T12
https://youtu.be/MlbcU-G3cJ0 - Lighthouse T14
https://youtu.be/KULO4ek0isg - Phonix T16
https://youtu.be/SlBDeQLCaaU - T16 + Constructor Guardian



It contains trees for 35/55/75/95/119 points. There is also a craft staf inside, you can swap staff and activate Controled Destruction for Soulrend setup.



Death Aura and Blight + Soulrend from CWC as our damage sources. Channeling Blight, stack the Witcher debuff for us and increase global chaos damage thanks to Infused buff.


We maximize our chaos resistance to avoid degeneration from Death Oath, thanks to Divine Flesh from Timeless jewel our maximum Chaos Resistance is 85% and 50% elemental damage is diverted to chaos so the hits is much smaller thanks to high Chaos resistance additionally we reduce our chaos damage while channeling by 8% and all the time from Soul of Shakari 5% (Phanteon). I also use the Watcher's Eye under Purity of Element (it's a cheap watcher) which redirects some of the physical damage to Elemental and half of elemental will consume the chaos. Moreover, Fortify and really good life regen.

Divine Flesh:



- Death Aura, I personally love this skill idea.
- Clear Speed
- Relatively cheap (of course, min max costs like in all build's but HP base are naturally cheaper then CI)
- Very flex, if necessary we do not have to be close to make damage thanks to CWC Soulrend
- good survivability (although it is not a tank that can afford to take everything on the chest)
- All content* (I have not tried Uber Elder yet, but I plan to do it soon)
- Any map mode can be done


- It requires a bit of practice, you can not overdo it with channeling, it's an aditional damage. We also deal damage with running
- A lot of mechanics, it's important to read the guide carefully.
- We do not have Leech and LGoH (only soulrend is hit damage that can procy them) we rely on regena and life flasks can not panic and use all flask right away :)


We run around on Phase Run (we consume Frenzy Charge and thanks to this Phase lasts 10 seconds) and everything dies, on barefoot and high HP Target channel Bright connected with soulrend, combo increases progressive our damage and gives us extra survivability. If necessary, when it is hot (large and difficult Legion, for example), we can run aside and channel, Soulrend will settle everything. In addition to the heavy content leep Slam for Fortify buff on. It is important not to focus too much on the channeling, running around also make damage (Better slower but more safe), if we have to risk casting it is better to run around or channel far away safely.


In general, the most important for us is of course, Death's Oath / Chaos and Elemental Resistance Cap (usually chaos is ignored, we maximate it), later you can think about high-linked staff (ready 6-link are always cheap), jewels - blight and Timeless (it's cheap one), later updates is an amulet for free Despair and getting the Aspect of spider, at the end we think about Watcher Eye to improve our defensive against the physical damage.

Death's Oath

Core item. There is nothing to write about, the first item we will look for. There are no substitutes.

! ! ! How to get the correct socket colors on your armor ! ! !


It is a cheap and very good option, it is possible to make a better craft, I will probably do it, but for now I do not have currency for this. At the start we are looking for high-linked staff, these are usually cheap in every league.
the best option we can craft:

Jewel (important!!!)

Build uses three unique jewels, all are important in the correct functioning of the build.

Spreading Rot stacks for us Withered debuff during channeling, which gives us additional chaos damage to buff Death Aura and increases the time of Hinder, we use one. (it is possible to use two but the second will give us only increased Hinder time which is not so important especially when we already use Aspect of the Spider)

Glorious Vanity with the name of Xibaqua, thanks to whom we will change one Keeystone in Divine Flesh. Our defensive core, It is important to put it exactly in the slot that I have designated, only there it will not cover the entire tree with random modifers. OPEN SPOILER BELOW

Watcher's Eye for Purity of Elements are quite cheap. For starters, when items are weak, use Watcher's with Chaos resistance to achieve a cap later we want to use double physical taken as element.

On Rare jewels we are looking for:
% life / increased chaos damage / increased damage over time / Increased Damage.


At the beginning we use Rare with HP and ressist or Fenumus' Weave options from Fenumus will not increase Death Aura dps, only soulrend profit from those, but we will be able to use Aspect of the Spider. Later, because Fenumus are not very good for this build we are looking for Rare with Aspect of the Spider. It does not have to be a gloves, any non-unique we wear except for shoes (more on this below).


The best option is Chaos Impresence but it is expensive (the most expensive item in the buildzie) of course is not required but widely recommended for endgame, Increased Damage over time, hp, chaos resistance and Despair Aura. Solstice Vill is cheaper option, it increases dmg ma hp and gives us Temporar Chains aura which perfectly matches the number of statuses we place on the enemy and gives an additional def and enemy slow. Of course you can also start with Rare, HP/Resist/additional Malevolence aura effect on corrupted one.


We use Rare, of course HP, and if you need resistances. Nice late game options are % reduce chaos resistance for nerby enemies, % additional physical damage taken as elemental.

Enchant: "Soulrend fires an additional Projectile" it is not necessary but very useful especially on such things as cleaning the Legion
Alternatively "% increased Blight Area of Effect" / "Malevolence has 15% reduced Mana Reservation" / "% increased Despair Curse Effect" / "Soulrend deals % increased Damage"


Rare with high Movement Speed, later it is worth having a cap of resistances without resist on boots. there are many unique boots we can use depending on your needs and preferences. And we can always swap for Kaom Roots to Elder.

Garukhan's Flight - Immune to Burning Ground, Shocked Ground and Chilled Ground I prefer them to maps.
Kaom's Roots for Uber Elder or deep Delve
The Blood Dance - another good option for maps
Inya's Epiphany - additional damage from any Power Charge


They are used to supplement HP / Resists and basic Attributes.
It's nice to replace belt for Stygian Vise for Abyss Jewel.
On the Rings, there are additional good options like: "Increased Chaos Damage" and "-# to total mana cost of skills"


Since we have a very good reduction of chaos damage, we use one or even if someone prefers two Forbidden Taste flask. I do not even have degeneration after using it even when Death Oath debuff is on so it's perfect, full life instant potion.
The second unique flask we use is Witchfire Brew which increases our damage over time.
On the map you can use Quicksilver Flask instead Sulphur Flask I would rather not give up on Basalt Flask especially on Red Tier.


3.7 SKILL TREE, 93 LVL: https://tinyurl.com/yxmzneln



My links:

Death Aura (of course in Death Oath, does not require links):

Concecrated Effect - Efficacy - Void Manipulation - Arcane Surge - Less Duration - Swift Affliction

*The important thing is that without Arcane Surge, Less Duration and Swift Affliction will not work. So Arcane Surge So Arcane Surge must always be the first. If for some reason we do not have the right colors, we use the first three games in addition, we can supplement this with an Empower to increase the support level of the games.

On low content, you can replace Concecrated Effect for Increased Area of Effect

Soulrend + Blight - 6-link Staff

Blight + Cast while Channeling + Soulrend + Infused Channeling + Void Manipulation + Efficacy

If we have a CWC at Rare staff we Replace it for Controled Destruction.

4-link Helmet or Gloves

Leap Slam + Faster Attack + Fortify - Phase Run (dont need to be linked)

We have a lot of time for Leep, we're dealing damage over time! Phase Run is active practically all the time while moving, after consuming the Frenzy Charge, the buff lasts 11 seconds!

4-link Helmet or Gloves

Despair or Temporar Chains + Blapshemy* - Purity of Elements - Malevolence

*To use Curse aura we have several options:
1. We have Impresence or Solstice Vill which allows us to use aura for free.
2. We have a helmet with an enchant that reduces mana reservation of malovelence and we give up Aspect of the Spider.
3. We have -mana costs in items / Jewels and we are able to cast as efficiently when 5% mana is unreseved and we give up Aspect of the Spider.

4-link Boots

CWDT + Steelskin + Summon Stone golem - Vaal Haste

It is important that it was in the boots, because we give up this if we want to start use Kaom Root's.


BANDITS: Kill them all for 2 skill points.


Major: Soul of Arakaali

Two main advantages are reduction of Damage over Time, which reduces degen from Death's Oath but also reduces damage from Bleed / Ignite which are not hits, so they are not redirected to chaos damage. The second important reason is the increased Recovery Rate of Life when we stop damage over time. Debuff from Death's Oath is counted as over time so this is really a good thing. Shock and lightning stuff is a nice addition.

Minor: Soul of Shakari or Soul of Tukohama

Soul of Shakari: We take it mainly for reduced chaos damage taken which considering our conversions reduces our global damage.

Soul of Tukohama: A very good alternative that increases our survival during channeling.

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