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3.14- No Changes

3.13 UPADTE: Currently I am level 94, I am dying very rarely.

I have very little time to play as I mentioned, so I still have quite bad items, since last post I have exchanged chest (I bought it occasionally for 15c and made 6l). The belt I made myself, I only bought the base, Corrupted on HOWA is also my job, and the Hands of the High Templar that I bought and it is the most expensive item so far, I do not feel much pressure on the gear update because I play very nice both damage and defense are okay of course as soon as i have more currency i will buy another upgrade, i think with really expensive items, Watcher Eye i am able to get 12-13k ES.

Current 3.14 PoB: https://pastebin.com/ZHJy0vBt

An important update from the previous post is going back to Inqiusitor + Occultist, Stun Avoidance while channeling is not enough and I got stun sometimes between channels, so it's a must-have.

https://youtu.be/IsyuGtAE8Bk I recorded A8 T15 Channel + Veritania Conq

Hello, I wanted to share my new build with you. Build is characterized by incredible damage and large AoE. Having some practice in playing Charge Dash we are incredibly mobile. We play CI with huge ES Leech. And Intellect, the most important stat. More Intellect more ES and more Damage!

How This Build Works

HOWA provides us with 1-10 Lightning damage per 10 Intelligence, which gives 1-10. Having 1800 intellect gives us 180-1800 lightning damage, it is a huge amount considering that it is against all boosts. To use the full potential of HOWA you need to find a skill that does not need a lot of Attack Speed and still does not seem to be Clunky, that's why it Charged Dash build, I tested every skill working witch Claw and there is nothing better than Charged Dash if we want to devote ourselves completely to stacking intellect. Charged Dash - Attack Speed increases the speed of punching, Movement Speed increases the movement speed of the spirit, the smaller the Movement and the higher the attack speed the maximum number of stacks increases. Thanks to this mechanics, we can neglect Attack Speed and still make huge numbers and do not feel slow as melee without great attack speed.


https://youtu.be/962M0IExRxg - Sheaper (Deathless)
https://youtu.be/DwAbzM0uUj8 - Delve Kurgal Boss (83 lvl)
https://youtu.be/tf_mG-QGpxA - Eldered Lair T16
https://youtu.be/PJs9belo4cE - Minotaur
https://youtu.be/qz-TdF3SFOU - Palace (Duo Boss almost Bosses Instakill)
https://youtu.be/uqcEVAcES3g - Phonix
https://youtu.be/WrSZqSJFtDI - Tarrace (Sheaped T13)
https://youtu.be/-GU4p7H9URg - Uber Elder (one stupid Death in Expanding Nova)
https://youtu.be/_Ikrynhqg3g - Vaal Temple (- max resist, extra light damage)


- All content done
- Amazing feeling and the pleasure of playing
- Boss killer
- Solid clearspeed
- Great Lab Farmer
- Amazing in the Mine
- Tanky
- Currently off meta
- This is an Attack but still a caster playstyle
- Easy to start gearing, just stack the int

- Cant do ele reflect map
- Charged Dash really needs a lot of practice to use it in the best possible way
- endgame corrupt can cost (not required but useful)

A little about Charge Dash Action, Mechanics and Tips IMPORTANT! READ!

it's worth reading https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Charged_Dash

Charge Dash has a lot of interaction. In short, the faster our movement speed, the faster the spirit moves, but it reduces the amount of stacks we get. The spirit always overcomes the same distance and the movement speed depends on how long it will take, the faster it will defeat the distance, the fewer stacks, in addition, Attack Speed increases the speed of punching stacks. This can be gently bypassed by staggering. I focused on providing the greatest amount of damage, I treat Attack Speed as an addition which is not as important as with other melee skils. Our AoE also does not increase from +Melee range, which is an additional advantage considering that we play at Claws.

Our damage depending on the status of the skill. While the ghost moves, we deal base damage (Projection phase, PoB damage), when it stops moving, our damage increases by 150% and pulse with it until we stop channeling (Steering phase), when we finish channeling releases stacks dealing 75% damage per stack (Release phase), generally it is a nice addition but during clearing maps and on bosses do not focus on stacks and their number, channeling as long as possible, preparing the spirit in such a way that freeing the stacks jump to a safe place.

Importantly, Charged Dash and every pulse do not overlap, so it's enough that one pulse hits the target, even release will do full damage from all stacks if only one touches the target.


When making maps Quicksilver speeds up our cleerspeed, you can also use Vaal Haste on maps.

At encounters such as the Azurite fight in delve you only have to spin the ghost around character once and still channeling and everything will rain as soon as you try to come to us.

For deadly fights like, for example, huge Legion spawn on a high tier with difficult mods map, we make short jumps trying to be constantly on the move to avoid trouble.

You can also use the environment to help, for example when you want to increase your DMG quickly, we enter a wall or other obstacle and automatically get 150% increased damage during the channeling. Or standing behind the wall or the door, let in a ghost that will clean the entrance.

As I wrote at the outset this skill really requires practice to use its full potential. But worth it, the damage is really amazing. The pleasure of playing even greater!

PoB 3.13

https://pastebin.com/ZHJy0vBt - 08.03.2021 - 3.13 UPDATED!


PoB only shows the regular dps from Charged Dash (Projection), so when the spirit moves, this DPS multiplies by 150% (2.5x) when the ghost stops moves (Steering). And 75% (0.75x) on release for each stack (Release).

DPS (flask off): 2 951 899 (Projection) / 7 379 748 (Steering) / 2 213 924 (Release per stack, so my max stack its 8 now i can get 17 milions)

DPS (flask on): 3 617 974 (Projection) / 9 044 935 (Steering) / 2 713 480 (Release per stack, so my max stack its 9 when flask is on so i can get 24,5 milions)

The values are given for skills, items and tree that I am currently using, nothing has been overclocked.

RAIDER VERSION FROM 3.8: (BADIBABOOO on Character list, all content done on it)
Raider was faster, the damage is similar, it had a little less ES and overall was less tanky (no stun immunity).


our most important stats are:

Intellect / Energy Shield / Resist Cap / % for All stats or Intellect on one of the rare items good to have Aspect of Spider.


We use the flat lightning damage option to the limit, additionally, in the selection we look for the greatest % increase intellect, later % to elemental damage, at the end % for dexterity.

Corruption: LGOH gives nothing so every corruption will be better. The best are flat lightning damage, Attack Speed, or Frenzy Charge on kill. You have to remember that no corruption is worth even 1% of intellect, so first 12% int and high elemental damage then corruption, optionaly.


Rare: high intelect / high Energy Shield / Sheaper option is % Intelect.


Nothing boosts our character like % intellect, so it's the only right option. It's nice to have one with corruption to intellect, additionally having about 200 dex and str will have 40% boost damage from the lowest attribute.


Rare: High Int / High ES / Resist

*Fenumus' Weave can work for start too, to have cheap Aspect of Spider on!


Rare: Movement Speed/ High Int / High ES / Resist


Rare: High Int / High ES / Resist

Here we are looking for corrupted with % int, even at the expense of smaller amount of intellect, with this amount% is more important (smaller is not lack, only instead of ~ 50 is, for example ~ 30)


Rare: High Int / + ES / % ES / In the amulet you can have one of the best options for boosting our dps, the sheaper amulet can have "1% Increased Damage per 15 Intellect" (with my over 1800 int it is over 120% increased Damage!)


Rare: High Int / High ES / Resist / Additional options are -% lightning resistance to nearby enemies, Effect of Shock.

Enchant options: In fact, none will significantly increase DPS, to Range and to Movement Speed for Charge Dash will increase our clear speed slightly. That's all.

I bought this helmet myself with enchant and now I do not use it because PoB shows a loss on DPS after that I have nowhere to fill up resists.


Jewels are very important,

Pure Talent: 25 all stats (so int) and 5% penetration of elemental resits
Brute Force Solution: So valuable Intelect.
Fertile Mind: Same like Brute.
Emperor's Wit: % Intelect (expensive and hard to reach, it can be exchanged for another Brute Force or Fertile Mind)
Watcher's Eye: the only is Maximum mana as Extatra Maximum ES, thanks to intellect we have a lot of mana, if you can not afford look for Another Ferile or Borute.

Corruption: % increased Damage, except Watcher's Eye and Emperor's Wit those are cheap Jewel so Corrupt to damage are cheap too.



My Links:

Chest 6 link

Charged Dash - Elemental Damage with Attacks - Fortify - Infused Channeling - Pulverise - Elemental Focus

Utility CWDT 3 link

CWDT - Steelskin - Summon Ice Golem

Aura 4 link

Discipline - Vitality - Summon Skitterbots - Enlighten

CWDT Wave of Conviction

Early Game when you dont have Hands of the Hight Templar gloves for curse:
CWDT (1) - Wave of Conviction(7) - Curse on hit(20) - Conductivity(20)

When you have Hands of the Hight Templar Enfeeble + Elemental Weaknes:
CWDT(1) + Wave of Conviction(7) + Culling Strike

Movement + Totem 3 link

Whirling Blades - Faster Attack - Vaal Ancestral Warchief

Aura 2nd

Blood And Sand - Precision - Vaal Haste (we use only vaal)



https://tiny.pl/t26fz - 92lvl Tree


Occultist gives us access to the tree from the inside, an additional Curse (which we use for Enfeeble aura) stun immunity and ES regen, while Champion gives us Forts, Movement speed and increased damage due to taunt and Intimidate


Major: Soul of Lunaris
Minor: Soul of Gruthkul

BANDITS: Kill them all!

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https://pastebin.com/T39zR9fM - 3.9 UPDATED! Contains progressive tree, leveling before CI (Hybrid) and after switching to CI

Starting the league with this build at the beginning we play Hybrid (Life/ES). I suggest a change after level 75, although you have to feel for yourself that this is the right time, there is nothing to hurry with CI.

We set up ES items from the beginning, stats that interest us are Intelligence and life and of course we try to have resistance as high as possible.

We try to buy as soon as possible one (or two if you have the opportunity) Hand of Thought and Motion, when you get it in offhand we use ES shield (if you only have one). So we try to look regularly at poe.trade from level 22 when we can set up a HOWM. Earlier, when we do not have this weapon, we use ona hand with as much phy / lightning damage as possible.

The next priorities are 4-5-6 link, Astramentis. We try to have as much int and ES as possible on items.


Up to level 28 we play with something comfortable we like, it can be Frost Blades / Lightning Strike / Cobra Lash / Reave for example.

From level 28 we use Charged Dash or Cyclone (works very well in the early stages).
For support gems I recommend: Added Lightning Damage (8 lvl), Elemental Focus (18), Infused Channelling Support (4), Maim Support (8), Faster Attacks Support (18) we will exchange these gems for defaults over time, we're also trying to level gems that we don't yet use but we will need them later (6 slots in a weapon swap)

At level 4, we can start using Blood And Sand
lvl 16 Herald of Thunder
lvl 24 Discipline
*if mana is a problem, we give up Herald. we can also use low level Clarity to have some QoL.
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Just so you know, the added damage from the HoWA claws is PER WEAPON now so you're not doubling it by using it two of them. You're only getting the benefit of more INT from that % increase mod. You ate getting dual wielding bonuses as well, but you're certainly not doubling your damage by using an additional HoWA claw.
To all the girls in the red high-heeled shoes,
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Tobias1501 wrote:
Just so you know, the added damage from the HoWA claws is PER WEAPON now so you're not doubling it by using it two of them. You're only getting the benefit of more INT from that % increase mod. You ate getting dual wielding bonuses as well, but you're certainly not doubling your damage by using an additional HoWA claw.

Hmm. I checked it in PoB and you're right, thanks. Although this does not change the fact that with this amount of intellect there is no better option than dual HOWA, with another weapon the loss is huge, the shield is also large and even high ES shield does not give a big boost to ES by the loss of a huge amount of intellect.
Interesting build. Can you level with charged dash?
Draegan101 wrote:
Interesting build. Can you level with charged dash?

Yes, definitely it is a nice skill for lvling (I did not even realize it), you have to take into account that when I was doing this character I had a lot of low-level unique tabula etc. I do not know how it works on leveling from zero. I will check on the next league if nothing bad will happen, it will be my starter build and I will do a lvling guide.
Looks really interesting! I'd love to try it. Could you post screens of the passive path? I'm on a Mac and cannot run the builder app. Thanks!
In PASSIVES & ASCENDANCY section you have link to browser passives :)
Just for your information. You have no Shaper/Boss checked in POB configuration.
Interesing build. Maybe I'll try it in the future.
My builds:
3.8 75/75 block 7.5k HP Zombie/Skeleton build: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2650898
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