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Oh a charged dash build, awesome :D Always wanted to do one

Was thinking going necromancer tho, with some way to trigger the Corpse Pact, maybe with a heartbound loop and some cwdt, and getting some mana, and using Transfiguration of mind and maybe some omeyecan to do with some dodge :D Not sure how I would have dealt with chaos dmg tho, do you think that could work?

I can't wait to try when my shoulder is healed yay =D awesome build btw!
Hi, I’m dying to try this build seems really exciting! Do you think this build can be played as league starter or does it benefit from unique items too much to be played as such?
This build needs more movement speed, charged dash is too slow and when you talk about balance you should include movement speed to such skill.

First off very fun build! Would it be possible to see any changes you have made to the skill tree with a link. I'm relatively new to PoE after being gone from the game for 4-5 years.

I'm really enjoying this build and looking forward to modifying it and seeing what I can change.

Also, what makes the claw skill tree not worth it?

Thanks for the build again. :)
Hi there,

thanks for the detailed answer - the leveling section would be great, as I am about to start this build as my final one this league!

Keep up good work!

loczek123 wrote:
Stonesinew wrote:

could you suggest the order of taking notables on the skill tree while leveling? And maybe also general directions to move forward, meaning something like: go first north to notable X, then go east to notable Y, then go west to notable Z, etc.

It would be really helpful for someone (like me) who has no experience with playing scion.

BTW: this is a really awesome build!


I think I will do the lvlning section. This is the best build I have created. I came back to him in this league myself quite soon after the adventure with poison. I started doing it with 100 chaos in my pocket. last time I was doing it practically at the end of the league with a lot of currency. I've made quite a few changes now. First of all, I gave up Ghost Reaver, I now rely on all three mechanics, Leech, Recharge and Regen (Inquisitor Consecrated Ground does the job), at the beginning on red maps when items were weak I had to increase my pool ES. I gave up the Claw wheel after all, the bonus from it was miserable and there were a lot of points for it, To keep leech I changed Concecrated Effect / Area of effect to Energy Leech, AoE is enough and I don't have to change games anymore. I invested in Shock (an amazing thing), I have Blood Rage but I don't use it much, I don't need DPS and degen is annoying the more when we have regen and reecharge. Before i have Aspect of Spider ring i use Arctic Armour and this is a great skill for this build, I'm thinking of introducing it instead of Aspect or Herald permanently. For CWDT, I added Frost Wall works very well, Charged Dash goes through the wall and Projectile and mobs are not! Below my character's PoB, level 91 and 9578 ES (without Watcher Eye Clarity mod, it would be about 11500 with him and I think that in the final form at level 94 will be over 12k) The current character's DPS is 2.2 million in PoB (of course in the Projection phase) but PoB does not take into account the fact that I have + 105% Shock Effectiveness, which changes a lot. I have no problems with any bosses on T16, they fall on several casts.


Current Gear

HOWA - 2x 30-40c
Astramentis - 140c (is expensive in this league)
Helmet - 1ex
Gloves - 90c
Boots - 110c
Cyclopean Coil - 20c
Ring - 50c and 70c
Chest - I craft it for quite a long time, it's hard for me to say unequivocally how much it cost around 4-5exów counting Alteration, fusing and multicraft, I paid 40c for the base, now I need 6% Attributes for him, I can't find anyone to craft me this.

As I wrote, I started playing with 100c and I made red maps without problems with 6k ES, damage is amazing in this build. My next goal is Watcher Eye with Clarity for ES (cost 7-8ex so cost like my all gear together :O ).

I don't know what about Astramentis because it's probably not worth to change, dex also boosts our dps by giving Attack Speed a Lowest Attribute for Cyclopean is over 300, maybe it will be better but it is at the end of the list to exchange.

Are there any thoughts about what you need to remodel for Wild strike?

I tested it, as well as any other skill that works with Claw and most works but it can't even get close to the strength of Charged Dash, it's amazing and gives you great opportunities for safe play and don't worry about dying.
Yesterday I made the first attempt to Uber Elder, without much trouble it went very smoothly once I died but it's rather my fault, I have no practice lately I beat him in the Legion, you can easily do it Deathless. I also finished the atlas, build is amazing for me when I have the right fence in Charged Dash, its almost impossible to die, I practically do not dying with this character :)

Below items with which I killed uber elder, as i have amazing damage and dont need more just permanently exchanged Herald of Thunder for Arctic Armor :)


I have good items, but I miss a lot to good min-maxing, and that I don't get bored at all, I will invest in it, I plan to buy Watcher Eye (though I still wonder if it's worth considering I have a great survival rate), Cyclopen with corrupt int, then better HOWA (12% int), maybe a helmet with an enchnat, there is still a lot to improve.

This build needs more movement speed, charged dash is too slow and when you talk about balance you should include movement speed to such skill.

Quicksilver and Silver flask do the mapping job, I don't feel slow at all. Of course this is not a super extra top tier speed build but you can't call it slow at all.
Loving the build, any thoughts on anointing Claws Of The Pride over Versatility? No flat int but it gives 15% attack speed if you've used a movement skill recently and 25% claw damage, as well as +1 range with claws (unsure if that makes any difference). Any help would be great, thanks.

Really looking forward to getting going with this build.
I'm very new to POE, came over while waiting for D4 and this game really pushes all the right buttons for me.

I'm in the middle of Act 3, following the tree, although I understand it won't "click" till I get further in.

I've hit a snag on my survivability and my damage - Any tips transitioning into claws or otherwise good gem-setups with alternative weapons?
I've picked up a decent elemental bow Legendary, and carve my way through most - but Elemental resist mobs can take a while, and I've found I'm no longer oneshotting screens.

I've got the right claw, sitting in my inventory for level 60, something - but at this rate, I need some help getting to it!
Good job on the guide!

Found my next leaguestarter
I'm not a big fan of Bow, I will probably start this build in the next league of course I have to wait for the patch note. At the moment I see a few things that will indirectly affect this build in the new league.

As Sheaper and Elder will be much more rare, the price of the Cyclopean Coil will increase (although I do not expect it to be too high). At Endgame it will be hard for Watcher's Eye and prices may not be available.

From the positives, it looks like a lot of intelligence can be obtained thanks to the new craft mechanics as they presented on Astramentis. I think ES will benefit a lot thanks to the new crafting mechanics.

I am also waiting for the presentation of the new Raider, in the previous league I was playing this build as Raider and it was faster, the damage was similar, it had a little less ES and overall was less tanky but that did not prevent me to do all the content with it.

https://pastebin.com/LCejDrQM <- PoB for Blight Raider version.

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