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Here's the new thread boys and girls from LunartunaI am abandoning the project thanks for your interest and support!



Hello, I love Poison and I was very happy about the changes and new skill related to Poison in 3.8. so I decided that I would start it. I don't normally start with new things well, item prices are usually high but Poison is rather a unpopular mechanics, not everyone likes to play it so it seems to me that it will not be too bad, after that much more hype is on summoner builds and on mines ofcourse.


Even in 3.7 I did Poison Build for Cyclone (link above), generally build worked fine, but it was too slow, especially on bosses, well not enough stacks twisted in a short time to make it enjoyable alot and the builds I make and play are balanced, I don't have that much time to make 30 characters in one league. That's why I'm trying to play something that is good for both Endgame and fast farm. I think that since 3.7 Poison Build worked then in 3.8 will be great!!!

As I already played at Poison (and with Bleed on my Duelist guide) I think I know what this character will look like it will be HP base, Claw/Dagger + Shield or Dual Wield. In poison, the most important thing is not the damage that single Poison gives, but making the largest number of stacks in the shortest possible time, that's why Molten Strike was so good under Poison before nerfs for Ancestrall Call and Projectile numbers (Each Projectile Ball gave a separate Poison Stack), it looks like Cobra Lash will work the same way, only it is dedicated to Poison.
Build will be based entirely on Poison Damage and on making as many poison stacks as possible in the shortest possible time, which is why we practically ignore hit damage


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2IujuQvFN4Q - Infested Valley T13 by AUSPitfiend
https://www.twitch.tv/videos/480792187?collection=iaLqCLr2wxVEaA - Canyon Map T15 by dyNa1337
https://www.twitch.tv/videos/481994115 - deathless Uber Elder by dyNa1337


- Poison!
- Budget for start
- Solid clearspeed
- Amazing feeling and the pleasure of playing
- Requires a lot of attention while playing, active game
- One skill can be played from the second level to the endgame
- low entry threshold

- It requires knowledge to understand all mechanics
- This is not a facetank, we have to be careful about the toughest contents.
- Requires a lot of attention while playing, active game
- Hard to Check real DPS (Poison)

PoB Links

12.09.2019 UPDATE

changelog 08.09.2019


PoB containing a progressive tree [34/54/70/80/91/107/120 points]

Perfect Agony - You need only 5 points to get it. So I leave this Keystone for a personal preferences, you can put out small HP/Jewel or Crit chance and multi on the Claw wheel at any time. And depending on when you have Coralito's. !!!!!



Good to start, at endgame you'll want to make a good Craft here.


Dendrobate - definitely the best option for DPS, 7-link, more poison damage and duration. But no HP hurts here.

Cherrubim's Maleficence - HP and chaos damage dont need more describe.

Yriel's Fostering - Best Chest for the build (Poison or Bleed option)


Aspect of the Spider is a mousse (you can also have it on the Rare item) but the gloves themselves have a lot for us. At the moment they are very expensive, so it's worth looking for something with Aspect of Spider, plain rare are not expensive, I bought a ring for 5c myself


Plague Bearer is a very important skill in this build, a real gamechanger. Therefore, a shield that will perfectly bust Pleague Bearer! Give us defences and Freeze Immunity!


Good Rare can also be found. At endgame for sure Solstice Vigil is the best option because it will allow us to use an additional Aura.


Rare, We supplement Resist, HP, base statistics. of course it's also nice to have offensive stats (chaos damage, # + # physical damage, crit, attack speed etc.).



CHEST (6link):

Cobra Lash or Venom Gyre + Greater Multiple Projectiles + Added Chaos Damage + Deadly Ailments + Vile Toxin + Unbound Ailments

This is the optimal setup, it leaves us with some hit damage thanks to Chaos Damage and Vile Toxin. On endgame, I recommend using Venom Gyre (I will make a separate entry about it in the build)

Auras(4 link):

Aspect of Spider 25% From the Gloves or other item.
Precision (lvling up depend on the free mana we have left)
Temporal Chains + Blasphemy 35% or Free from amulet - Temporal Chains has priority under Despair or Skitterbots
Last Slot and Aura on late game:
Despair 35% - We use when we have an amulet for free Temporal Chains and we need the possibility of applying additional Curse thanks to the oil we can get Whispers of Doom on our Amulet, or Corrupt also on the amulet.
Skitterbots - Same as with Despair, use when we have an amulet for free Temporal Chains. A very nice option, two running bots that impose Shock and Chill on opponents, I checked and really this Shock is effectively applied, practically on most mobs we hit. A really good option very comparable with Despair and thanks to this we can get something different into the amulet

Whirling Blades (4 link):

Whirling Blades + Fortify + Faster Attacks + Blood Magic

CWDT (3 link):

CWDT + Summon Ice Golem + Guard Skill

Herald of Agony(early game) Utility (late game)(4 link):

Herald of Agony + Damage on Full Life + Minion Damage + Vile Toxin

Herald of agony is brilliant at the beginning on the entry threshold, then it weakens so let's use it as long as we consider or when we get items to complete other recomended Auras

Wihtering Step + Blood Rage + Ancestral Protector + Free Slot for you

Setup when we stop using HoA

Plague Bearer (3 link):

Plague Bearer + Whitering Step/Empower + Increased Area of Effect

Both skill is a complete must be here. Plague Barer seems almost OP, one two use Cobra or Venom and we have full Bearer to start. Whitering is a defensive and offensive, gives phasing, Elusive full buff and 6 stacks of Whitered debuff instantly.

If we stop using HoA, we move Whitering Step to the 4 link and here we add Empower.

*If you prefer, you can give Blood Rage to CWDT and swap 3/4 links. I prefer to start it manually, after that I hate to have Auras in 3 link and start it again after weapon swap.


https://tiny.pl/t1kl5 97 lvl Passives Tree


1. Noxious Strike
2. Toxic Deilvery
3. Mistwalker
4. Opportunistic

Deeper Analysis:


In general, the first two have not changed significantly, are absolutely necessary for poison build. The new node (Mistwalker) looks interesting considering that we will probably be using the new support gem (Nightblade https://i.imgur.com/km0Ry0d.png), will be a great both defensive and offensive complement. The last one we take mainly for Movement Speed and Boss stuff.




BANDITS: Kill them all!

I will be updating guide before the start of the league we need a patch note, a new talent tree, accurate gem info.

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Ailments mechanics explained by ZiggyD including Poison and all interactions


Coralito's Flask - "Your Critical Strikes do not deal extra Damage during Flask effect" this mod effects our poison crits?

Ailments is damage over time and DoT is not a hit in PoE. To get Poison stack you need to hit a mob and this hit can be normal or Crit, if you crit poison stack will be multiplayer to 150%, Assasin and Perfect Agony have multiplayer tools that poison from Crit inflicts much more than the base 150%. But poison cannot be a crit itself, so its not a record. And you need to know that the poison damage has nothing to do with our hit damage, it's calculated differently. In summary, everything will work as it should.

Is malevolence aura good for out build?
It cannot compare with both Temporar Chains and Despair, just like Aspect of the Spider is much better. He has too small numbers, I don't know why Aura reserving 50% mana has such a weak numbers.

When is the right time for change Wasp to craft?

It is very hard to beat Wasp, Claw should be the last item we focus on, wasp is amazing for us due to chaos flad damage, high attack speed and accuracy. First, we focus on the whole gear and at the end we do Claw. I'm pretty sure the wasp can do all the content anyway.

Why Claw is recommended? Isn't dagger better?

Lgoh is extremely important in this build. Our hit damage is very small, you can not count on leech. Let's take 6 attack per second gives us 30 projectile which hit 1 target, if there is more target we have many more hits, as we play Venom Gyre returning projectile doubles the amount. These are huge amounts of lgoh. Claw gives us Blind from tree and charge steal. And Wasp Nest is the best unique for poison, There is no unique dagger that can compete with him, thanks to flat chaos damage and Wasp have huge attack speed. Slightly less dmg from the tree doesn't make dagger a better choice, I recommend claw. I have no problems keeping alive.
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And here I am,a fan of poisons.Waiting for something good.
I never played an Assassin, but this looks like it will be very interesting.
Poison fan here as well. I still fear melee league starts are underpowered in comparison, but my first character will probably be a spellcasting poison build. I really hope there will be some good MTX coming out..

Just remember kids!

The following modifiers will directly affect the damage of poison:
Damage over Time
Chaos Damage
Poison Damage

The base damage of poison is 40% over 2 seconds, dealing 20% of the added chaos + Phys combined base damage dealt. So while picking up phys/chaos damage to daggers, or spell damage to spells seems nice, it doesn't add to the damage of the poison

Modifiers to skill effect duration affect the duration of debuffs applied by skills, but not the duration of ailments. Poison is a damaging ailment.

Don't be afraid to use things like chain, or GMP, as they do reduce the damage done with hits, and projectiles respectively, they do not affect the base damage affecting poison damage done.

I think Cobra Lash will be like spectral throw so multi strike will not be support this, but im sure lmp or gmp will be great chose for farming maps.

Anyway i can't w8 to for this skills and i plan to start with this skill so can't w8 for new passive anoucment and i will back here to see how i should go with them. Thank's for guide. CHEER

Edit: I hope someone will fast find recipe with oils for Overcharge and Instability ;P
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I think Cobra Lash will be like spectral throw so multi strike will not be support this, but im sure lmp or gmp will be great chose for farming maps.

it may be, although it was a shame mulstistrike looks wonderful here. More Projectile in this case is not only on maps, but for a single target also, more projectile will hit the target, target will have more poison stacks which will be our main damage source.
The largest amount of poison stacks in the shortest possible time is the build motto :)
Why Malevolence and not Despair?
Maybe cause malevolence can also extend Elusive duration?
Maybe cause malevolence can also extend Elusive duration?

You can "restart" Elusive with Withering Step whenever you want, so i'm not so sure about that.

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