3.3.0c Patch notes

Completed 1 ChallengeZalkortis wrote:
Fixed a bug where Arc and Vaal Arc did not chain to monsters that the player did not have line of sight to.

wow, that was a bug? NICE XD

I was thinking the same thing...I simply assumed that's how it was supposed to work.
Pleas fix summon Phantasm + mirage Archer interaction next please
"Herald of Ice" AOE dmg nerfed?
Still no fix for Alva not opening the Temple in the hideout...
Well, I hadn't crashed since the last patch, I thought that it fixed everything, but this patch I just crashed on the boss of Underground River. Still using Scorching Ray/IceStorm combo. :(
what do they mean Improved the performance of Rain of Arrows?
Thanks for herald of ice!
No matter how much you hate or how much you suffer, you can't bring the dead back to life.
The random Dialla in Russian was pretty funny the first time it happened to me.
Completed 31 Challengesorbankaroly wrote:
Still no fix for Alva not opening the Temple in the hideout...

This worked fine for me before the patch but now after it she rejects me like the rest of the women in this world :/
This update just made the Vaal BV pathing ai a lot worse. I did a temple and I used it on an architect and instead of helping me kill the mob it left the room to fight monsters around the corner.

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