3.3.0c Patch notes

Fixed a bug where Arc and Vaal Arc did not chain to monsters that the player did not have line of sight to....

Fixed a bug where Arc and Vaal Arc did not chain to monsters that the player did not have line of sight to....


If there was a wall between you at the monster, arc didn't chain to the monster most of the time even if it hit something else in the room. It was really obvious when it happened, and this is a huge QoL fix.
Initial impressions after the patch:

I've been using Molten Strike + Herald of Ice combo for this entire league, and I think performance actually got worse with this patch... I seem to be getting frame drops when I encounter almost any medium-sized mob now. Also, dynamic resolution doesn't seem to be working any more. I have dynamic resolution set to around 30fps, and it never kicks in, even when I'm getting 15-20fps. (Edit1: Dynamic resolution is, in fact, kicking in, but performance definitely feels worse now. Much more stuttering.)

On the original 3.3.0, I was getting crashes due to multi-threading, but after I changed to single-threading, things were fine.

I'll keep evaluating, but those are my initial impressions.

After playing a bunch of Incursions and a Temple of Atzoatl, I think the stuttering I was experiencing earlier was due to the server being updated or perhaps connection issues. Less stuttering now; it seems comparable to the performance I was getting before the update.
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Mmmmh fix for Melee Elemental hit please ?

Increased damage node/support for Area of Effect does not increased Elemental Hit damage
Ancestral Call is bugged with Elemental Hit, if you and clones hit, you can only see one area of affect per swing, instead of three
2.3 gb for bug fixes¿
turbotime wrote:
2.3 gb for bug fixes¿

Yeah this is stupidly big for what it contains. Came to PoE to play because Warframe released it's new Sacrifice update which is a long cinematic story update, so figured play PoE while waiting for that to update only to find PoE that worked yesterday has an even bigger download than i'm waiting on from Warframe lol.
OMG guys, as a 144hz monitor owner with a g-sync i cant believe that the game is so smooth now, its insane, THANK YOU GGG
BTW, with all the disconnects, the skill effect lags and all the trade bullshit - this game is becoming UNPLAYABLE.
any clue on why patches sometimes makes the ggpk file corrupted? kinda have to download the whole game again just because of a small patch
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Same :( Feelsbadman :(

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