3.3.0c Patch notes

Yesterday no problems at all, now after patch constant FPS drops and crashes. G_G
I've been using Zeel's Amplifier this league. The new artwork is awesome!
> Fixed a bug where Cold Snap's damage over time could bypass damage immunities.

And now Cold Snap is back to being garbage. The degen soft cap, heavy restrictions on what can apply to the degen (i.e ele, cold, spell and degen. Flat and Pen do not apply) together with how bad the initial hit is and the CD on the skill is just flat out bad. It's fun early on until you realize the softcap that is in place around level 50 which heavily restricts kill speed on bosses.

IF you could stack degen, help the dmg conversion (in some way) or remove the cd the skill would be fine. Again the skill feels pretty fun early on but after level 50 you realize your build is not only slower in clear than a vast number of other builds but the dps is far lower due to the softcap/bad conversion.
"Fixed a bug where the Automaton Character Effect caused the character to glow white if buffed by Herald of Thunder with the Automaton Herald Effect applied."
This bug made my character look really cool!
Please make an effect that looks like this or at least give it back to us D:
I was white with a hint of red whenever I killed something.. I looked like a white death, haha!
Vaal Righteous Fire can now be cast by a Totem.

Cries in Vaal Summon Skeleton's multistrike
Horrible patch- massive drop of fps. With my GTX 1070 8 GB/16 GB RAM/SSD/i7 Cpu I noticed 2-3 fps today. And do it something with API poe trade, buying and selling is pathetic. I have no time and patience to respond after transaction ( for example 1 hour ago ). This weekend' ll be shitty probably:(((
2.3 GB download patch ???? WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU GUYZ ???
I come back from work and have to wait 1 and a half hours to play ....and you guyz update like once every week.....THIS IS INSANE !!!!

It's not even the first time ...i mean C'MOOOOONNNNNNN !!!!

insane how much this iritates me ...really ...you guyz must have a problem somewhere somehow ....
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Latest build : 3.4 Holy Shepherd - Dominating Blow

Stay safe exiles ;)
Still no fix for chat bugs:

If you disable the chat by clicking the "GLOBAL" tab, it re-enables every time you use any /command. Which is very inconvenient because we of course still don't have a key binding for /hideout so we have to type it in chat.

I reported this two times in 3.2, didn't even get an answer:


Also there is a bug where chat keeps scrolling up or down and all you can do about it is to relog. Maybe this has something to do with switching between Windows and PoE (fullscreen window mode).

Is using chat now deprecated?
After this last patch, the Automaton wings have changed their behaviour when using a movement skill. I've opened a thread on the relevant section


I hope this was a mistake and it's not intended, the "drone-like" animation they had before was very fitting and gave the MTX a very unique flair.

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Thanks for the constantly crash patch, never had crashes on this game and now cannot even go into town. Don't you test??

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