3.3.0c Patch notes

Fix your gosh darned forums while you're on this, please. So slow to load any web page (my isp is not the culprit, its exclusively with this site.)
finally improved bladefall performance
so still no Chieftain fix? Ramako, Sun's Light still messes up the damage return with Rat's cage for any CastOnIgnite build! why...? :<
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Thanks for buffing the unyielding flame, it's a new good shield
Qarl wrote:
3.3.0c Patch Notes
  • Fixed an instance crash that could occur when using Lightning Strike.

You've answered my prayers! This crashed me like 60% of the time in Maps/Incursions/Temples and ruined so many friendships.

The feeling when most of your T10+ maps you and your friends have ran together have been lost to instance crashing and you were the sole cause of it.
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Aw, I was hyped to read some Party patch notes... well I guess I wait till next patch. :D
"Fixed a bug where some of Dialla's voice acting was in Russian."

Cheers loves
Keep bringing the good stuff
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Fixed a bug where some of Dialla's voice acting was in Russian.

Fucking Putin.

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