Bestiary as a Core Game Mechanic

Bestiary will miss me :'(
While I found Bestiary ok-ish after the initial wave of adjustments were made, I will not miss Bestiary mechanics as a whole. There is one small part of Bestiary crafting that I will miss though--ability to craft flasks. I hope there will be new way to craft flask rather than spamming Orb of Alteration and hoping you hit right prefix and suffix before running out of orbs.
Well, personally, I rather liked it (didn't love it, but seemed good enough to keep), but since they've driven most of the really good stuff (that had far better community support) only to rare late-game appearances in maps for no valid reason, I'm not surprised by this.

I don't have a problem with altering flasks, but I will miss some of the more advanced recipes, the boss set items, and an easy way to get a batch of 5 prophecies. :) (Yeah, I know, coins are cheap, but I prefer not to trade all the time if I don't have to.)
That's great news. I really hated Bestiary. Never in all my years (since launch) did I get the short end of the stick when it came to drops. Usually take a few hours to sort out the remove only tabs. This league was 20 minutes...
Pretty retarded call imo. PPL are pritty miss leaded when bestiary calls for bad drops, bestiary just showes to league only players how standard drop looks like == nothing, that all is just state of game (GGG constant nerf and interfere with game economy) seems like they try to promote HARD CORE KOREAN GRIND STILE, grind forever then waste on RNG crafting in second, so u have after all just bad taste in mouth, imo PoE crafting is even worse (more grindy and less satisfying) then Archeage...

IMO bestiary was pretty good as addon for SSF at last, these game has rlly rlly terrible drop and without harbinger as core (binding stones), now without bestiary .... SSF pretty much sucks imo.
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I love Menagerie idea and I'm sad that it is simply vanished from game instead jus tune up recipes and spawn ratio of beasts, maybe capture way…
Incursion league make this game closer to sh*tty Diablo 3 playstyle with crazy clock above the head, which very much narrows the possible playstyles and the number of character builds that can be used.
I miss you Einhar Frey…
I hope to see, not only Einhar, but also some of the mechanics of Bestiary added to core someday. Most notably, the somewhat predictable crafting & corrupting elements. RNG is good when used for variety, bad when used as a barrier to progress.

Besides, imo, Bestiary was a bundle of good ideas executed poorly. Just because they abandoned the core mechanics of the league, doesn't mean they can't reiterate and reimplement the good parts.

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Couldn't elements of Bestiary League be used to make management of summons, like for example saving and summoning spectres? Maybe allow in the future summoning rare spectres or something similar?
Better tell me if incursions are coming to standard, that's what really interests me now!

Or is it too early to ask?
Xfing wrote:
Better tell me if incursions are coming to standard, that's what really interests me now!
I can agree if it will be as Zana mod only for those which will fine with pay few chaoses to enjoy this shit… ;) For longer period of time constant dumb doing around temple is boring as f*ck, especially when you got enough currency. Some mechanic still require tune up, healing monsters in example (got funny mob with Allies cannot die aura, so not able to proceed HoI on that recovering half life in one second rare).

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