Bestiary as a Core Game Mechanic

Every league in flashback was nice for me...except beastiary. So thanks!
Glacial Hammer now has 3-5% Chance to Poison on the character select screen.
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Voidstranger wrote:
KGabQr wrote:
Farrul's Fur Triumphant Lamellar 60ex+ WTF BALANCE

PLEASE GO INC RATE CAT AND INC DROP Farrul's Fur Triumphant Lamellar !!!!!!

Guys, just do 13+ tier maps and you will find tiger.

I did hundreds of t13+ and didn't find it. (and still miss 3 other red beasts including the ones for craicic and fenumal portals). I gave up and bought them to get the beast bosses challenge.
Thank you for being so fucking cool that you were willing to toss something that you poured so much work into. This is why I keep coming back to PoE challenge leagues. You guys are the best. You are the only game I know of that honors the "cosmetic cash shop only" promise, you are the only devs who know how to bring down servers and bring them right back up again, and you are the only company I know of that has ever beat Blizzard at their own game. That's a lot of distinction right there.
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It's fantastic that you're able to look at your work and judge it fairly.

Knowing a bit of the development issues you had while building Bestiary helps in understanding why and how it came to be what it is. I agree that it slowed levelling, wasn't really compelling, and the immediate drops never quite seemed to be worth the time/effort to bring down a red beast.

However, it was great that you gave us the chance to create items we may not have found for those that do SSF, or don't farm lab, or those like me that have awful luck when we do farm uber lab.

And I also know that you're all on a tight schedule, and that you need to decide quickly if you're keeping or dropping aspects of a league, but I HAVE to point out that the red/yellow beasts would make for a great addition/replacement to Tora missions. Right now you just rush into a pack of sickly-looking normal beasts and breathe them down. Adding a boss-beast that takes some effort to defeat and that drops rares/uniques would really spice up those dailies/encounters.
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Great news, it would be hassle to have to deal with it all the time :)

Maybe bring flashback or legacy into standard? That would be fun :)

Just curious, will the nets we have move to standard (even though they will serve no function), or will they be removed from our inventories at the end of the league? I kinda want to keep some as a memento...
V1kingsfan wrote:
Just curious, will the nets we have move to standard (even though they will serve no function), or will they be removed from our inventories at the end of the league? I kinda want to keep some as a memento...
I can't recall an instance of GGG actually removing items from the game that aren't kiwihalt levels of bugged. They'll be fine - I still have tabs of leaguestones from Legacy.

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Thanks for the reply! I also saw that some people are selling nets in standard so it should be safe to assume that they are here to stay.
alhazred70 wrote:

Fact: Bestiary has the second highest peak concurrency of all leagues at 81k though it was sharper as the table flipping clear speeders wet themselves all over reddit and doubtlessly colored a lot of peoples view of the league.

Not a fact, actually: you can't use the graph above, because it "culls" data points in a dumb way after they're a month or two old, only showing an AVERAGE for that month, rather than the PEAK.

Rather, trust the sub-graph (used for narrowing the view) which doesn't condense the data like that. Or, y'know, average the February data and realize that when all's said and done, Steam Charts will report "Bestiary" as having a peak of something like 37,984. That's outright laughable!

alhazred70 wrote:
Should it have been dropped 100% as a sacrifice to the casuals Chris Wilson wants to sweet talk back into the game?

It's hilarious that you insult other players as "casuals" when you've never even gotten to 30 challenges once... Hell, you've not even faced one of the endgame bestiary bosses yet! It's amusing to see this level of white-knighting, really.
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