Skill Revamps - Part 3

Yeah don't forget Barrage is not only a bow skill, while Blast Rain and Shrapnel Shot are alternatives for bows, Wanders on the other hand have no other options, Power Siphon is asking for a rework too.

And i agree with Barrage being a support instead.
nerfing barrage....rather than improving or creating an alternative?
How about stop NERFING skills and BUFF other skills so they are in line. SHEESH!
And ELEMENTAL HIT goes to the void again!?
You make this game literally unbearable. The first league I've spent running the beach for an Oni instead of playing. Almost forty hours of play time amongst four character slots before the first drop. The nerfed drop rate sucks bad. You have no respect for my time! So thanks for the rework. . . .

As a player since beta, I feel like crap for wasting my time on this game when I have other things I can be doing with my time.

I suggest to keep the game alive that you have five/six builds that are allowed to do all content regardless of what other skills and builds can or can not do. Let the people play instead of trying to stay ahead of the nerf hammer it corners everyone into a few workable builds (before they too are nerfed). I look forward to each new league and and then hate them for the nerfs. Every patch is likely worse then the previous (I hate them). Current league sucks. Last league was good for two weeks until the jewel nerfs. I feel my time and energy into gear, skills and a build is worthless once you are done with them.

Just being honest. I'd like you to succeed but feel I/we have no voice or say in our game. Which makes me angry.
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another NERF for barrage. the current version has 4 projectile with 25% damage each only hits 3 most of the time, means you only hit 75% damage. now it will be 5 projectile with 20% damage each that will most likely hit 3 projectile most of the time, which mean you only hit 60% damage.
So, for wander you now need +1 Windripper and +2 Quiver in weapon swap for any fat pice of sh*t like stupid red beast? Relatively cheap haHAA

What about meatballs and BF? 1.87sec shaper vs blue sword feels pretty balanced. Mb just delet all skills, but BF and meatballs? Really have no idea why this stupid bow builds and spell casters steal can kill end game bosses. When you tolk about "altarnative", nerf first of all OP sh*t, then class scpecific skills, cose right now you make LESS altarnatives for solo targets, not MORE.

Keep up a good work xD
finaly my "The Tempest's Binding" with Uber Lab enchant for Blast Rain additional explosions might be worth something /cheer
if you can make a unique item that adds additional attack speed per additional projectile, that could compensate the damage nerf of barrage.
DO NOT TOUCH BARRAGE! The other two revamps look great in theory but why you had to bring Barrage into this is beyond me!
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