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We are keeping a close eye on other feedback, especially about the drop rates of things like Maps and Shaper Memory Fragments (which gate the absolute pinnacle content of Path of Exile and are not meant to be easy to find).

This statement I take it means you guys think there's nothing wrong with the drop rates and probably aren't going to do much with it?

I would think though that making the Pinnacle content harder to complete instead of simply harder to get to would be less frustrating.

Personally I don't think I have enough skill to make the elusive red maps drop more often, although I am continuing to try and improve my gameplay to see if that helps.

You could always add an achievment or challenge 'Obtain more than X red maps at one time'.

Well gated sirs, well gated!
My hovercraft is full of eels.
We're very excited about this update. We have learned many things from the development of Bestiary and look forward to showing you with actions, rather than words, that we are listening to your feedback.

I'm not convinced you learned anything, tho. It's been 3 awful patches in a row.

Last chance. Good luck.
You know they F-ed up the drop rates big time when Mathil says that in over 70 hours of play he has found 1, that's right 1 beast that opens a portal to the spirit world.

This league is trash and I say that as a big fan of this game.

GGG's biggest problem is that the entire point of this league goes against the idea of every ARGP which is killing a lot of things FAST. Not having to slow down and throw a net, because you should be powerful enough to 1 shot yellow beasts. That's how people design there characters because of the insane amount of farming you have to do to get to the end game and farm shaper, uber lab, uber atziri etc. It is annoying that GGG seem totally unaware of why the community hates this league. A league by the way that at first I was pumped to play, if anything to get the portal effect but after they nerfed the drop rates of alch orbs, maps, and made it a even WAY LONGER grind to attempt to get that effect I just said F- it
Morbidus wrote:

and most important: please, please, please listen to players, you need to consider that they are the fuel of the game, make the game around what they need, not around what you need. more then 95% of players in this game have 100+ QI, with real lives, and they play the game because it's a FUN chalange, not because you want to be their second job.


GGG completely lost it with this league. Player confidence, player engagement, player trust.

Pokenagerie has got to be the worst of all leagues I've played. Not because of the mechanic - but because the recipes are guaranteed to turn out absolute trash.
Random currency recipe; iLvl 76 'primary' beast, all others 65+ returns: 10 transmutes. That should simply not be possibleconsidering the difficulty in finding the 'key' beast, watching it's health bar through the spam of mobs, and throwing the net at just the right moment...
Rare item - iLvl 70+ 'primary' beast has so far returned almost entirely 'level 10 requirement' (or lower). Not a single end-game item. White mobs in tier 2 maps have already provided Vis Mortis, Rat's Nest, Bringer of Rain... for 1/100th the risk and difficulty.

You done f*ed it all up, GGG.
Sorry, but this is BS. zomg... y'all don't like our cratered map drops? Welll, we -MEANT- for it to be impossible to sustain yellow/red maps while actually getting gear. The "pinnacle" of the game? Ok, i get t16s and stuff being pricy. But half the people I know already quit league over the bloody bs of this league.
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Hmm, depressing, really, the point where half measures (like "lets display the recipes in which a particular beast is used, all recipes, because noone would EVER want to know whether the vassal is used as a lv80 cephalopod or just a rare of the deep") become the norm...

P.S. btw, changing a net in town still gives a message that "your character will use xyz to catch beasts", but does not actually do anything, abc still stays selected, not xyz, 1000 hours :P
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