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I read the entire post in BexGGG's voice.
PS: Good on you GGG, hype!
How to make Bestiary better

1.Remove Bestiary
2.Add Breach
Ctrl+F " Bestiary ending early " no results :(
Its really sad and i never thought i will say, that league is completley unplayable.
No matters if you buff yellow monsters, or even increase spawn rate, it wont change league mechanics.
Hope this is last league i didnt enjoyed, all previous were amazing.
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Kind of late, but better now than never.
You didn't implement harbingers because the orbs were too powerful. A couple weeks into a badly-received league and you're putting the orbs back in the game already. You guys must really be getting desperate.
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"We do not plan to make the "red" ones more common because they are already an overwhelming source of good items"

to be honest from what i have experienced, these seem to be more challenging than map bosses of equal tier but not as rewarding.
I will not play in a league that requires that we bring tools out into the game with us. Our inventory isn't designed with that in mind. Removing the nets from the inventory is essential for me to give this league another chance.

You can do it with a currency pouch, or you can have nets just be a counter rather than a stack. But they can't be part of the inventory.

Wont play standard if you make this mechanic core. Just no.

Remember charms in D2 and how much people hated them even though everyone used them? It's like that. Quit it.
Much needed updates. This league is over for me (having enough fun in Standart, tho), but I'm looking forward to the next one.

We have learned many things from the development of Bestiary and look forward to showing you with actions, rather than words, that we are listening to your feedback.

So, 'Breachstone League' it is then :)
When night falls
She cloaks the world
In impenetrable darkness
We are keeping a close eye on other feedback, especially about the drop rates of things like Maps and Shaper Memory Fragments (which gate the absolute pinnacle content of Path of Exile and are not meant to be easy to find).

Having the last elder T15 to pop is a pain in the ass, especially when you had him on a t15 by accident when you were at 11/15 on th quest :'(
And due to map drop, it's very expensive :x

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