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hyyyben wrote:

So you arent getting maps handed to you ?
You arent getting gear handed to you ?

I managed to sustain map in every single league, if you can do that, then its simply because you havnt made an effort..im using alchs / chisels to improve the maps = larger chance of getting map returns..im filling out the atlas = larger chance of map returns.
There is a chance that youre an adult, which makes your whining and rage quitting even worse..

Back on the horse, quit whining ---> Move forward and work harder Exile.

Ps: nothing in life is handed to you, you have to work for it.

You know what? I'm with the person you quoted. YEARS of not being able to sustain red maps - relegated to T8>T10 - playing literally 2 to 4 hours DAILY - on weekends often putting in 10 hour days... in recent years buying content from other players when I can afford to... Harbinger being the only league I've (in my lifetime 1500+ hours) been able to self sustain into reds. I alch, chisel, sextant red maps, alch and chisel T10 yellows - I reroll if map is terrible (chaoses) - I snag every possible map from Zana to fill out the inevitable T6-T7 existence I live playing the game...

Abyss I ran a Level 94 and Level 92 - and still over the course of both characters life time ended up relegated to T9s... I ONLY got a Shaper kill in that league because I paid through my teeth for all the maps - and was only able to do it due to Exalted and currency drops - NOT through my own sustainability - this was a 125 Atlas we are talking about too.

Harbinger I ran a level 94 and Level 90 - and was able to fully sustain my own. I played that league up to just 2 weeks remaining in it... for fear of burning myself out of ARPGs mostly. Had I known GGG plan to starve the SHIT out of maps, I would have played it to the bitter end. My one regret. Harbinger was the highest high point in my 6 years in POE. By far. I have the BEST memories that will last a lifetime from being able to progress myself without relying on trade. This isn't being dramatic. This is fact. It was.... fucking amazing playing in Harbinger. Favorite ever.

Bestiary league - I quit at level 87 after 8 days - I paid for 75% of my T5-T6-T7 maps from other players. I tried my hardest from level 69 to 85 to do it all by myself but gave up - Zana was level 6 - I ran out of chance orbs (3 times actually) just from buying every one of her maps. I didn't desperately chisel any maps (I used all chisels to buy more maps) - but I did alch T1-T3 maps at some points in desperation to just cut a break to get some T4s. I looked for prophecies specifically following someone's advise in another thread - I watched 3 videos (covering 2.5 hours of time) which went IN DEPTH on strategies for league start which I tried. One strategy specifically where you don't run a single higher tier map until you are holding every single map in that particular tier... didn't work for me. The league was trash... HOWEVER if it wasn't just so fucking map starved, I'll be honest: I would still be playing today. The fact that when you combine a shitty league with being content starved makes this game absolute hell. Like: a fucking nightmare where you just fall in love with the majority of the game - but then you know the game fucking hates your guts bad and you will never ever ever fucking ever progress in it yourself. (Probably like some poor dude madly in love with some chick - and gets friendzoned)

The main problem is that when dealing with RNG, it's just another word for luck. Some people just have amazing luck - some people have better than average luck - and some poor losers (like me) just have piss poor luck.

There needs to be a healthier balance here - the love needs to be shared to every player. Every player should be able to enjoy ALL content in this game... or... at the very least some sort of healthier balance than what we have. YEARS and only roughly 12 Shaper kills. That's all I've been able to afford.

I'm tired... dude.

I'm just tired of playing level 85+ characters in T7 to T10 content. I need some slack. I need to be able to progress within reason - without having to give away ALL my currency covering the price of the map AND whatever I have to roll on the map itself.... it's just brutal dude.
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no map drop league.
dropping like candy for me.
Who taught you how to fight... your mum? (òÓ,)_\,,/
So basically the whole team's moved on to 3.3.0, leaving this mess to fester for 2 more months. Good times, see you next league.
Was hoping to see some works on racing, more skill balancing but no. More bestiary changes
Alea wrote:
Im stopping the league for a while now i think, and this is something since i got all the challenge totems (complete) since the game start.

This game added layers over layers of complexity and "rng" over "rng", now we are swimming in an ocean of zillions craft recipes and shits interacting each others. It just became too heavy, dont forget it's supposed to be a game, not a 6D chess with death penalty.

Are you kidding me?

Seriously though.. Fuck all of you guys.

You do realize this is a small dev team?

You do realize that since launch they have bled their heart and soul, day in and day out to keep a genre that (lets be perfectly honest here dates back to the dawn to pc gaming) and manage to keep it fresh?

and interesting?


and without fail continue to provide an open and honest dialogue with the pc gaming community?


They have one idea that didn't quite hit the mark in that long arduous journey.. to bring YOU something new.. and you all start jumping ship?

How embarrassing for you..

Be constructive. Don't play this game if you aren't going to play it with the same passion the team that builds it has..

Below you will find an example of a 'Suggestion':

If I had just one suggestion.. it would be to get racing and events working, and to make the leagues longer.. so that players that aren't the top 7 twitch streamers get a chance to see some of the deep, dark, dirty stuff.

GGG as a whole has NEVER once failed me. As a gamer, and considering who our other choices are right now in the world of game development.. we should be thankful teams like GGG are here for us. (I also think CD Projekt Red is a fantastic dev team, just sayin...)

Shit happens and mistakes get made.. give them a chance to tweak all the dials before you get butthurt...

and for the record.. Until the day any of you create an amazing video game, that's free, and consistently improves exponentially on a 20+ year old genre.. your negative opinions on the matter are Nul.

Who taught you how to fight... your mum? (òÓ,)_\,,/
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NaneLz wrote:
hey $$$, sry GGG when new mtx release?

1 every 24h
♪ ♫ . M u s i c I s T h e A n s w e r . ♫
RNG = Common taboo affect video game players who believe in "fortune" instead of Decimal fraction.
Do you like the new League? No ty, I dont like "Survival" games! (STD best league ever)
hyyyben wrote:

I'm just tired of playing level 85+ characters in T7 to T10 content. I need some slack. I need to be able to progress within reason - without having to give away ALL my currency covering the price of the map AND whatever I have to roll on the map itself.... it's just brutal dude.

Agree with u man... Let us Play GGG Fix ur exotic RNG !!!
♪ ♫ . M u s i c I s T h e A n s w e r . ♫
RNG = Common taboo affect video game players who believe in "fortune" instead of Decimal fraction.
Do you like the new League? No ty, I dont like "Survival" games! (STD best league ever)
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level 90 necromancer and my map pool looks like this: t11: 4 waterways, and 2 shaped ashen woods (doing shaped ones will give me more and more waterways); t12: 4 maps; t13 2 map, but i'm luky, i have 92 t2 maps ... bestiary it's full of crap, I try to craft randomly stuff but it didn't help me to clear what i don't need, using lvl75 beast to make a corupt t5 map it's just so stupid .... luky me, i can craft mods on flasks, really helps me a lot ...

so, i made a list:
1. a delete option on beasts in bestiary
2. make the yelow beast slower, it's just stupid that a yelow beast to be able to be able to autrun you in 99% of maps
3. increase that drop rate of maps, i'm guessing has something to do with chances, now mt atlas say that i have 9% chance for maps to drop 2 tiers higher (i tink that overide that 100% chance for maps to drop only one tier higher). <--- need fixing fast
4. a recipe who will change a map with other of the same tier, but please, make it with accesible beasts, it's stupid to be required to farm t15 beast for that, but be unable to reach t15 maps

and most important: please, please, please listen to players, you need to consider that they are the fuel of the game, make the game around what they need, not around what you need. more then 95% of players in this game have 100+ QI, with real lives, and they play the game because it's a FUN chalange, not because you want to be their second job.
sorry ggg but wtf?

next time hear the concerns of the community befor u release a very very frustrating-generating league. i dont care if u work the next weeks to fix your bad decisions. hear, repect, adapt. i want to read that u take 2 weeks of QM befor the next league starts. your post is like a punch in the face

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