3.2.1 Hotfix

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SilkySpectre wrote:
JoeShmo wrote:
mopeskie wrote:
does any of this get tested by that team of over 1000 hours of gameplay ???

Or maybe devs shouldn't say such immature things like "1000 hour pros" to make themselves look legitimate, like they're upcoming rappers or boardists.

It's also human nature to poke fun at things, for a laugh; maybe some people should get a little less tense when they see "meme posts" since it doesn't actually affect anyone's lives to have them there. Or, you know, differing opinions and all.

In my opinion, I still don't understand how developers can consistently bug up their game, especially with code that has no relevance to what they just patched. It's not a matter of "it just happens', because that's a cop out, like saying "pianos just fall on people's heads". It's only buggy because someone had a lot of unprofessional moments that lead up to that happening, even if they were being pressured by their boss to hurry up and push it out.

Whether you are a grunt, or the head of the company, having more than a hundred hours at something should teach you better etiquette and responsibility, presuming that is important to you in a professional capacity. If not, well ... then it's fine if someone makes a meme about you exaggerating, or outright lying, about your street cred.

The point I'm about to make is more to defend software devs/code-monkeys in general, than this game's team in specific.

Anytime you have a full on *team* of people working on coding a single piece of software, such as an expansion to a game, inevitably someone is going to make a mistake somewhere that is going to break something, or have unintended consequences. Hindsight is 20/20, but it's only possible to fix so much before letting the public take it and smash it to pieces to find the bits that don't work. For one of the first examples specific to coding for multiplayer video games, please do watch this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KFNxJVTJleE

It's not always easy to tell how well a system will run in the live environment until you actually push it to the end consumer and stress-test it. Because of this, hotfixes are a very normal thing after content updates (such as the bestiary league). They're trying something new that they hadn't done before, so cut them some slack on not implementing it flawlessly the first time.

Even the most experienced coders in the industry make mistakes or don't optimize their code sometimes. The definition of 'optimized code' changes so fluidly from person to person that there's no real 'right' way to do it. On top of that, a misplaced ampersand or parenthetical can have far reaching effects with something that you really wouldn't think would be involved at all. MMOs in particular are notoriously hard to code well, even for the absolute best of the best. The fact that things like WoW or FF14, or indeed Path of Exile, run as well as they do? It's a technical marvel. If you think you can do better, I do invite you to create your own MMO, I'd love to play it, :3

I am convinced that people like mopeskie and JoeShmo have never coded a thing in their lives, because their attitudes certainly belie an ignorance of how things work. And yet, they presume to judge professionals in the field. I wonder how they treat their doctors.... (Had to delete an embedded quote in the middle, stupid 3 quote limit.)
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