Path of Exile 3.2.0: Bestiary League Patch Notes

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Now I just gotta buy and cook enough food for a week spent inside.. And flip on Bisco.

Mini fridge with a bunch Philly cheese steak under desk, toaster oven on top of desk. 18 inch diameter hole next to desk for defecating so you don't miss a woop. GG

You sure thought it through, oddly enough.
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Sweet, now Zanas Nemesis, Perandus,Harbinger is back thats real good.
Nemesis=Headhunter is back nice for those who cant efford 100ex för Headhunter, now they can try their luck with chancing a HH in Nemesis instade:).

I like it verry balancing great work thank you.

I like POE for the possibility of manipulating my luck positively by creating synergizing combinations of map rolls/prophecies/sextants/map device crafts but that's becoming less and less possible and/or profitable because it's gated by more investment that doesn't always pay off.

The game is becoming more and more stale in possibilities of manipulating luck positively.

I like to feel lucky if I get unique monsters drop corrupted items + 500% quantity strongbox monsters + 40% pack size + beyond craft + monstrous treasure without GGG trying to hold me back by increasing the cost of that and making it less likely that it'll be rewarding.
40% pack size requires a vaal now and 30% pack size is way too rare, this requires now multiple attempts possibly if unlucky, beyond craft costs then 4c + 4 additional vaal orbs and I can get unlucky that the monstrous treasure won't trigger which's a huge risk because then I likely won't make a profit from it.
Since patch 3.0 this example got over 10c more expensive compared to 3.2 with Bisco's nerfed that I used to protect me from having bad luck on an investment which would ruin my fun.

I want to play the game the way I want.
Could someone explain what this means?


PvP Balance
Lowered the T override (used to determine damage) of Scorching Ray to 1.5 seconds (down from 4 seconds). Note that this affects the Hall of Grandmasters, as that takes PvP scaling into account.
You are now twice as likely to obtain maps you have not yet completed on the Atlas as maps you have.

Nice!! Thx!
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PoE 2013-2018
Has there been any changes to all the disconnects, fps drops etc?
I read the huge list you guys posted but I could not find any solid post about improving the performance of your game, GGG.
When you use your Stash, the in-game chest now opens. It's like you're really there!

What does that mean?
Was expecting more, but prolly that was me, disappointed what we saw last weeks was everything.

Nice rework on actual ingame skills, rlly good new thresholds for skills what scream for years for it, rlly rlly nice work on actual skill tree, those changes I am astonished.

Nice rework of astonishing chat system, trade as the same, same time consuming (0 QoL), ....etc.

Imbue more imbalance into already ruined game.

Enjoy in Pokemon (r)Evolution Expansion.
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So, you've reshuffled div cards.. ok, but could you give us info on that? Sometimes people plan their Atlas ahead around div cards and might now be completely screwed.

Zana mods are boring... yawwnn... and you increased the price for "fortune favours", why? I used this sometimes even in SSF, now I'll never touch it.
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we need some numbers on the oni nerf plz GGG!

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