Path of Exile 3.2.0: Bestiary League Patch Notes

16h spent farming hillock in order to try out new build, didnt got anything, just time wasted.. fuck this game once and for all
RIP RF zerker. You had a good run but that 5% dot filled you full of aids.

Now that the 40% more multiplier is gone, because zerker is now much harder to sustain, RF is sort of shyte. I mean, dang ggg what did RF ever do to you. The clearspeed it had was alright but not even close to top tier. :/
Scion - Ascendant
40% chance to Poison on Hit, 10% increased Movement Speed, and causes Damage from your Critical Strikes to not be Reflected.
work with totem?
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How can I release some of the captured beasts in my Menagerie? I want to get rid of some white ones.
the "cannot be stunned" change to the Vile Bastion on the Occultyst killed the "when you block a stunning hit" part of the Cast on Stun gem, can you guys fix that :c

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