[3.3] Starforge Cyclone Slayer Uber Elder Down (easily)

Sorry guys, Don't really have time to update the build or play this league sadly, RL has gotten in the way. Took a job in esports/gaming industry and playing games hasnt exactly been something i've had time for lol
You should charge a $1 consulting fee per question.

I'm half serious lol. POE's mechanics are so convoluted you do almost need a degree from POE University, or years of experience, to sort it out.
Which gem should I take out if I only have a 5 link?
How is this build for a 600 Delve push? Everything I have mad thus far gets one shot past 500 :(
Hey sorry guys, I have received a ton of PMs for the build, took a new job and havent been able to keep up with the game

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