[3.12] KissMeQuick's Gladiator Reave: REBORN — T19 100% Maps & A8 Sirus Deathless — Starter friendly

Uploaded an awesome Exsanguinate Freeze Explosion build on the forums - https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/3508506
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Looks good. Just started out but am ready to give it a try. I'll update with my progress!
Looks super expensive build, not low entry as the title says.
How do you leech Life and Mana?



Honestly by now I did not imagine that I would create such an insane beast build. This build has been pushed to absolute limits of what a character can do in this game and can now fly through Uber Elder, rush Shaper on 3rd day of the league, smoothly farm maps with almost all mods and literally equip all MF gear and be one of the best MFing builds that is cheap AND can kill T16 Guardians with it.
I highly suggest you to try the sword version MF build out too, especially when starting a character! It's absolutely bonkers and I'm playing it for the 5th league in a row now!


I picked up Reave in Abyss since previously having played Blade Flurry I felt bad while mapping because of low AOE, constant gem swaps and clunky gameplay.
I've mapped and done more bosses on my Reave character than any other character I've played before, by a long shot.
I've done at least 100+ Spider Forests, 100+ yellow Guardians, 25+ Shapers since 2 weeks of the Abyss league start.

This is not a crazy or weird or silly build, it's simply a VERY strong, fast and engaging all around melee build.

Take your time, read the guide often and thoroughly, especially if you are new. If you master this build, you'll become an immortal beast who can kill Uber Elder even on day 4.

UPDATED on 3rd of August 2018 for 3.3 Incursion League


Honestly there are no cons while playing this Reave build except for not being able to run no leech and reflect maps which goes for almost every build out there.

🔥 Mapping is top tier in speed and smoothness while being able to finish all content including Uber Elder!
🔥 Super strong league starter! I am often first 5 who kill Shaper every league without nolifing!
🔥 Very flexible and can be modified however you want
🔥 No gem swaps needed for bosses, even Shaper!
🔥 Kill bosses fast at high range - You can kill Forge of The Phoenix boss at 75% of your range with Vaal Reave while he channels his explosion.
🔥 No dangerous mobs that can kill you - I've never died to an Abyss spinner!
🔥 Able to switch off to full quantity gear( 81% IIQ & 244 IIR) and farm up to T16!
🔥 2 weeks of nolifing still hasn't burned me out while other builds may take 1 day to become boring even among my favorite classes
🔥 1+ million Shaper DPS even with crazy cheap gear - up to 50 MILLION with GG gear!
🔥 79%+ Spell Block & Block, 60%+ Evade, 80%+ Phys reduction, 50%+ Base resistances, Immortal Call, Endurance charges, 6K+ HP, Fortify, Arctic Armour and more!
🔥 Very Hardcore and Solo Self Found viable
🔥 Giant half screen range - The biggest melee AOE in the game!


This Reave build has no required chase uniques. You can kill Shaper easily on a 2 EX budget but you can also massively improve your gear to insane levels of DPS to farm overmodded Guardians or take on Uber Elder.
I have above average gear but I already farm maps like shown below completely deathless.



Uber Elder kill in Incursion on day 5 at level 92, 15 EX gear, uncapped resistances with unoptimized items and unfinished Pantheon.

Shaper on day 2/3 in Flashback on MF Claw version that had some minor changes. Top 3 first who finished it.


These videos are made in 3.1 Abyss League that lack some of the major adjustments I've made, current damage & survivability are at least doubled. You should view these with the purpose of seeing how the build feels and looks like.


Shaper Run.
Died once cause I fell asleep when a ball came in the bubble. In last phase you can also see why Gladiator's block is so good. I think I blocked in total of 5 balls.


Tier 15 alched map with extra damage and 60% more life.
Done on 1 alch Scaeva and bad base 20C chest.
Without gloves and Taste of Hate which are unnecessary, the gear would be 2 EX.


Tier 14 MF Vault Run.
Forgot I have no mana leech at all since it was in my necklace. Basically dropped my DPS to 25% at boss / rares which I noticed only in the end.


Tier 9 Vault Run.
Same story as above.


Tier 16 Underground River - 97% IIQ 165% IIR Version
This video is made in 3.3 Incursion league.



Keep in mind I did not improve my gear not because of the lack of currency but simply because I already killed everything deathless and super fast, there is a lot of room for improvement everywhere except for the foil. I farmed half of my Headhunter with Shaper and Guardians within 2 days.


This is almost GG Weapon. Not necessary, just got a very good deal. This is equal to 480 flat pdps foil.
330 PDPS with 27% Crit chance or 35%+ Crit Multiplier is already enough for endgame.
375+ pdps flat is completely fine as well!

This was a very cheap purchase in Flashback. It was something like 30 chaos and although it's not a foil, it has the same qualities and damage as a 400 PDPS foil!

Mid tier - 1/2 EX
Worth investing in! This is our second most important DPS item. Getting +5% Block on top of it would be best! Read more under "SKILL LINKS & STAT EXPLANATION"!

Took me 20 alts to craft for my MF build version.

Chaos spammed this myself as well, took maybe 50C.

Loreweave is by far the best unique chest for this build. This one has the best rolls we want - 80% res, 90% top rolled phys and good life!

6% Maximum life recovered is INSANELY good! With this you will never have to worry about anything during mapping, it's a literal instant life leech giving you old Vaal Pact on top of our current Vaal Pact. If you have the money, you can either craft it with Essence of Greed or buy it!

Got the 6 link chest from divination cards that I bought for 25C total, I was very lucky and got the rolls with 1 alch only. Used it til the end.

Could be improved massively with a rare helmet.
Good enchants are:
#1 Reave damage, Ice Golem effect, Reave AOE
#2 Totem grants AS, Blood Rage AS

I was starving for fire res and int for my MF build so I used this. Cost me 2C only.

Once I got level 92, I equipped this to farm Shaper ever faster. With the recent improvement of us adding Arctic Armour, we negate it's downside almost completely with everything together. Do not use it if you're not sure if you can survive. I personally equip it at minimum level 90 with 6K+ HP.

If you have good Abyss jewels on sight, grab these. Otherwise the damage and defensive stats are on par with average 2 EX pair of attack speed Spiked gloves. Used these in Flashback as well!

We don't need movement speed because we have already achieved god speed with whirling blades. Boots are the least important slot for us meaning we can use Goldwyrms which is also the best pair of boots for Mr. Krabs cosplayers. Used them in Flashback as well, even when I killed Shaper.

I bought these for 1C to get extra life for my first Shaper fight.

Bought this for 15C, didn't bother looking into it further.
Crafting or having 15 - 20% flask effect duration on it would be top gear!

Bought this at level 80, some why didn't bother changing later on.

Seemed like a fun ring and the Freeze is also surprisingly good!

This ring was as good as a double T1 phys steel ring, so I sticked with it til the end in Flashback.

Random 40C Amulet, has pretty much perfect stats for my current specific stats.

A very lucky snipe that I got for 30C only in Flashback. Pretty much perfect stats for me.

Damage wise it can go A LOT better with items such as

These increase DPS by 30% alone.

NEVER Equip Biscos since Amulet is the highest DPS source you can have aside from weapons and Biscos provides less ALL drops than Goldwyrms.



During mapping aside from life flask you can mash flasks almost as much as you want but during bosses you should use them as efficiently as possible.

Level 65 is fine as well.
I prefer to grab 100% recovery at low life to get myself back to safety as fast as possible but other options are fine as well.
Bleed removal is best on a life flask!

Also try to make it a habit that you don't use life randomly like you do other flasks. Learning how to use your life flask properly will save you during bleeds and making blood rage more comfortable with Vaal Pact.

Gives us extra leech, resistances and DPS!

Your biggest DPS increase. Pop before opening strongboxes to avoid Freeze! Can use a second version for curses to remove Temporal Chains from juicy maps or double curse maps to die less. I believe Surgeon's would be the best.

VERY Good defensively and offensively!

Very good defensive flask for bosses, will pop us to max spell block and also help push our normal block to max with 1% block per hit from ascendancy.



Here's a Poe.Trade example search for the most suitable jewels, click on the search form to adapt to however you like. This chooses jewels with at least 2 suitable mods. If you want to max out, focus most on critical multiplier.


For Abyss Jewels, I will simply name ones that you would want to look out most for


- 8% chance to gain Onslaught for 4 seconds on Kill < Pretty much must have
- 6% chance to Blind Enemies on Hit with Attacks < Free 50% evade chance
- 8% increased Attack Speed if you've dealt a Critical Strike Recently < 8% attack speed is super good and we almost always crit
- 5% chance to Gain Unholy Might for 4 seconds on Melee Kill
- 20% increased Damage if you've Killed Recently
- +14% to Critical Strike Multiplier if you've Killed Recently
- DON'T buy any VS Abyssal mods, we have absolutely no problems against them and we're just wasting a slot


- ALWAYS Life unless you get some insane mod combo for cheap, life goes up to 50
- Flat physical damage - BEST
- Critical multiplier
- Accuracy Rating if it goes above 150+



Bandit : Alira


It's important to get Captured Arachnoxia as soon as you can as it's the most important part of the Pantheon.





Reave works in a way that it alternates between both of your weapons but can use only swords or daggers to attack. If your second weapon is a weapon that it cannot attack with, it will not use it to do damage with but will still give you stats. This means that we can buy or craft axes / maces / sceptres that have good mods for us and use only 1 good sword that we attack with.
Your stat stick should be in main( LEFT) hand and sword in off ( RIGHT) hand because then you get more attack speed from our passive tree and also generate endurance charges.

Remember that your damage tooltip is never correct when using a stat stick and you have to use Path of Building to see your real damage.
If you are using a "gain as random element" mod, then even Path of Building will lie to you and show less DPS than you actually do. For that, edit that specific line in the item and replace it with any single element "gain as" mod.

If you can't find a decent stat stick or if they are too expensive, you can very well simply buy an item level 80 sceptre and chaos spam it( and maybe craft on it later). Within 30C you are almost guaranteed to get 30%+.

For 30%+


For 40%+
More expensive


Choose from these either AXE / SCEPTRE or MACE. Swords and everything else make you lose damage instead.


Links importance is in the following order:

Vaal Reave, if poor just Reave - Multistrike - Melee Physical Damage - Ruthless - Maim - ( Increased Critical Strikes ) or ( Concentrated Effect )

Reave - Our only real damage skill. I suggest holding shift down while using it or use attack in place to not move and be more precise with our attacks.

We use Vaal Reave gem because losing 20 quality off from the gem isn't a big loss of DPS but you should still try to get / have some quality on it.

You may use Concentrated attacks instead of Critical Strikes as well, I sometimes do it for my first Shaper / Guardians as I have no trouble juking their attacks in close range anymore. The difference isn't very big but for smoothest / safest and fastest mapping experience, I've mostly sticked with Critical Strikes.

Vaal Reave - Most important secondary skill. We use it as soon as we feel that we're going to start killing loads of mobs or going to have a longer fight. This doubles our range until we stop attacking for 3 seconds. Vaal Reave is used only to push us to 8 stacks but also has more damage.


Whirling Blades - Faster Attacks - Fortify

Whirling Blades - Main movement skill. We don't need any movement speed for it. Faster attacks is not necessary but feels good! You also get Fortify from it which makes you take 20% less damage from hits!


Cast When Damage Taken level 20 - Molten Shell level 20 - Ice Golem level 20

Cast When Damage Taken Level 20 Setup - This setup gives us a big shield from Molten Shell and also allows us to play with Ice Golem without casting it. This setup needs to be level 20 because of the scaling stats.


Cast When Damage Taken level 1 - Immortal call level 3 - Enfeeble level 5 - Vaal Cold Snap level 7

Cast When Damage Taken level 1 - Immortal Call spams us with physical damage immunity. Enfeeble curses enemies to do a lot less. Cold snap chill enemies, making them attack and move 30% slower. This setup gives you massive defensive bonuses.

Vaal Cold Snap This freezes / chills everyone close to you AND while you have an enemy close to you, you gain a frenzy charge each second. This is socketed in Cast When Damage Taken. It does not use the Vaal version when you take damage, but it does can be used normally.


Our goal is to have 2 socketed Abyss gloves as they're mostly 60 - 90C

Ancestral Protector - Blood Rage

Ancestral Protector - Gives us attack speed. I don't suggest using damage gem links on a totem since it will be barely noticeable late game. Casting 2x is enough for long fights.

Blood rage - Gives us attack speed, frenzy charges and life leech. We have no built in life leech ourselves except for Atziri's Promise.


Hatred - Herald of Ash - Arctic Armour - Enlighten( LV3 or 4)

Hatred - Strongest DPS Aura we can have. If you're going for super GG builds, a Hatred Elder gem would make this aura completely bonkers, basically an ascendancy in a jewel.
Herald of Ash - And even more elemental damage gained!
Arctic Armour - More defences + some extra chill. Chill reduces enemy attack speed and movement speed by 30%!

!! IMPORTANT !! - Remember to have mana for at least 3 attacks when reserving mana. If you don't have enough mana, you need either level 4 Enlight or swap out concentrated effect. If you do not have mana available for 3 attacks, you'll run out of mana often while attacking.


Mana Leech - We avoid spending extra passive points by having mana leech on an item as an enchant or as already rolled roll. You can also spend one mana leech node here to avoid it. I was lucky enough to have one as an extra on an amulet that was already good enough. I do not suggest enchanting unless the item already has all the stats you need.

Life Leech - Life Leech comes from Blood Rage & Atziri's flask or equipmennt on top of it. We always keep our blood rage up for the extra attack speed but when it falls off, we have Atziri flask as a reflex to pop.

IMPORTANT! - If you are having trouble leeching and feel like you don't leech enough vs bosses( especially Guardians and Shaper) then it's because you don't do enough damage to them or have low leech investment. In this case you should buy jewellery with extra life leech, improve your damage and come back later again or just add some leech nodes.
Your max leech is something around 2500 HP per second which means that your HP CAN get full within roughly 2 seconds.

Intelligence - Hungry for this, you may use a +30 passive point for it.

Strength - Keep in mind that 2 strength = +1 hp, 5 strength = +1% melee damage. Meaning that 50 strength 70 life belt is miles better than 90 life belt.

Gain X% of Physical Damage as Extra Element Damage - This is what pushes our damage completely overboard and is borderline broken. Stacking this with physical damage is our primary goal.

Critical Multiplier - Your second most important DPS stat to hunt for.

Critical Strike Chance - On a weapon, it's a lot bigger increase than Critical Multiplier anywhere. On anything else, it's barely worth investing in.

Attack Speed - Second most important stat Worth stacking, makes you generate stacks / effects even faster which after 0.1 APS is already sort of irrelevant but also improves your whirling blades speed a lot!

Physical Damage - Our most important DPS stat! I always make sure my amulet and rings have it.

Block & Spell Block - A stat for madmen! Spell block is the best defensive stat in the game by far and makes boss fights a lot easier! 50% Block is already God mode. If you can, enchant your offhand with +5% block chance when dual wielding. I personally don't want to play any melee anymore that doesn't have spell block.

Frenzy, Endurance and Power Charges - We do not opt into these in passive tree as we can get close to same DPS from other sources. Reason being that we cannot generate these reliably during bosses and if we do, very rarely above 3, even with Writhing Jar.
Also having maximum of 3 Frenzy charges allows us to proc our ascendancy "10% more physical damage while at maximum Frenzy charges." 3 Endurance charges reduces damage from hits by 10%.

Armor & Evasion - We don't focus on armor but we don't ignore it as well! Our passive tree including our average gear gives us usually around 70% phys reduction which is very strong! With a Basalt Flask of Iron Skin we can mostly achieve 90% reduction! Evasion is less important than armor but still gives us on average an extra 10% evade chance which becomes 60% with blind.



IMPORTANT - Use the chat command /passives to see what passive points you're missing after finishing Act 10. It's highly suggested to do side quests while doing acts to have a smoother experience or faster completion - even speedrunners do these.

IMPORTANT - My PoB links show Reave gem because inserting Vaal Reave shows only Vaal Reave DPS, not Reave itself.


POB link - Updated 3.4 version 31st of August 2018

POB link level 100 tree - Updated 3.3 version 3rd of August 2018

POB link for higher risk / 2.2 MIL Shaper DPS version - Updated 3.3 version 3rd of August 2018

POB link for higher risk / 2.2 MIL Shaper DPS version level 100 tree - Updated 3.3 version 3rd of August 2018



This is not how you should strictly use points. You can very well experiment, move back and forth and see what you feel best with. The trees are made to show you how to somewhat move around with balance.

40 Points

60 Points

80 Points

100 points

121 Points


I suggest opting into Blood in The Eyes before getting to endgame. This gives us nearly 100% uptime on 50% evade chance. Once you've reached level 80 or gone above T9 maps, switch it out with Outmatch & Outlast.




When playing Acts, try to constantly be on the move and kill monsters once they've grouped up so you could kill them faster. You should be upgrading your gear constantly and choose 1 main slot for your attacking skill, while barely utilizing others. I usually use body armor for that and have random skills on other pieces that I switch out more often.

Do labs once you've leveled a few levels over it's requirement to finish it in one go and have a faster pace for the rest of the game. Side quests should also be done while playing acts to have a faster overall finish and not get stuck at any point.

Don't be afraid to use some currencies after act 5. The faster you get to maps, the faster you will earn your money back. If you get essences, use them as soon as possible since later on they will be useless.

I usually finish first quest of the act by joining a party since they've probably done most of the walking and then mostly continue solo to play at my own pace / do side quests.

I mostly care about upgrading my main weapon and switch it out the most. I upgrade it roughly every 15 levels and sort by max 1 chaos and highest DPS.
I also often use random unique shields instead of dual wielding and avoid taking dual wield nodes until I have reached Act 9. There are a lot of unique shields that have strong stats and make you die a lot less while leveling while barely losing any DPS.

Most effective skill to use while leveling is Sunder but I'm personally too jaded from using it and go with Reave from the beginning. It's a bit slow until you have Multistrike and becomes fun once you have enough attack speed.


Some level requirements aren't accurate because of gems / ilvl / enchants.


Facetanked everything, died once to Kitava @ LV 43.



Did everything but Kitava solo, bought only 5L chest, had to use portals sometimes at bosses, a few deaths from laziness.







2C - 70 life, 70 res, 6 AS

1 ALT - I used it to replace Taste of Hate

Non enchanted Starkonja is 2C. Could use blood rage enchantment, would cost roughly 10C.

15 - 25C




ANY 6 link strength based chest with life
30C non corrupted
15C corrupted if you can find right colours

Some less super budget foils I have laying around.

100C at 345 PDPS, Rapiers aren't much off from foils and often come cheaper

Also around 100C, flat pdps equivalent to roughly 360pdps.



To repeat everything now - make sure that you have:

Sword in right hand with as high PHYSICAL DPS as possible
Stat stick( gain % physical as X element mod(s) on Mace / Axe / Sceptre) in left hand
Life on all gear, as high tier as possible
Enough life nodes taken
One Blind on Hit Abyss jewel
All Resistances capped to at least 75%
Rumi's Flask
Vaal Reave, not Reave or any other skill
Not using Abyssus with below 6000 HP
Do not look at in game tooltip for damage

Some of my Incursion progress


Got to maps after 1 day with Sunder, after maps used Sunder til level 75. Finished Uber lab at level 80 completely solo and used the MF claw build version to acquire currency and switched over to sword at level 90 to start farming Shaper / Guardians.

I've managed to kill Shaper 4 days into the league although I was planning to do it day 3. There were some crazy crashes in unique / guardian maps and I lost ~ 3 EX worth of maps which hindered my progress a lot.

I also had to use mana leech & int node out of laziness which basically put me at level 90.

Here's my gear that I killed Shaper 3 times deathless while being lazy.

The only 1EX+ items I have are the weapon( probably 50C by now), ToH and Tombfist.

Wrapped up this build for the league with simply a better weapon, some very minor upgrades and level 92. These upgrades were made to kill Uber Elder which took me 3 tries while having no experience with it.

Which one is better - Champion or Gladiator?

Champion does have more damage but a lot less defences. I would have swapped this build to Champion if it truly would be a better option as the goal of this build is to be as strong and efficient as possible!
Gladiator has a lot better defenses which is why he wins this duel - 80% spell block + 20% more block +4 max block is nothing to ignore. Gladiator also can tank hits better since Gladiator gets 10% reduced damage taken + gains endurance charges easily( 9% Phys reduction & all resistances).
Every class has to have a healthy investment in both defence & offence, and the overall investment required to be successful for a Gladiator is lower than it is for a Champion.
As an example the 4100 HP Uber MF version of this build can farm T16 Guardians as well but that is only because of the defences provided by the Ascendancy, with a Champion that would not be possible.

What do you think about Lacerate?

Lacerate as of now is not a better option over Reave because while it has slightly more damage in PoB, it has 3-5x less AOE, is slower and needs both projectiles to hit in order to reach the POB damage which is not always possible with that little AOE against bosses.
Lacerate would be good with two handed weapons but on single handed weapons you should still always be using Reave or BF.

What about Blade Flurry?

Blade Flurry is 80% the same PoB damage, clunky to use, bad to farm with, and the effective damage is around the same / lower and is more rippy since Reave can stay at a higher range which keeps us alive longer + gives us some safe distance / time before bosses attack us again and we jump away again.
Not to mention all AOE channeling skills that bosses have - Shaper Beam / Phoenix Explosion / Killing Minotaur while he walks through rocks to you etc.

- Unequipping Blood Rage removes the effect. Useful for doing Shaper or when backtracking.

- Your biggest damage spike is the offhand elemental damage conversion weapon. It can literally double your DPS.

- Crit Multi is by far the most important stat to look for, double Crit multi Jewel is stronger than any other triple combination.

- You can experiment with a lot of interesting low % chance on hit effects. We attack nearly 20 times per second when fully buffed.

- Run normal alched maps in bulk until you reach 80, then do Poorjoys until you are 90 - 93. After that once you find yourself at 40%+ XP at some point, you can go level yourself til the end at Poorjoys for fastest and safest results.

- If you die too much, it means you don't have enough HP, not DPS. HP gives us more time to leech health back full from powerful hits.

- Always alch your maps! Even at very low tiers! That means you have a lot higher chance of getting a higher tier map as well. In terms of currency, you already get your money back 5x from pure currency, not to mention maps, rares and uniques that drop more.

- Improve your gear bit by bit. Don't buy a 10 EX weapon if you have 5C jewels. You could get 3 - 5x more damage out of upgrading jewels a bit and weapon a bit. You should start making insane purchases once you are confident that you don't struggle on your desired content anymore.

- Your offhand stat stick should be a wand / mace or an axe - a weapon that does not work with Reave so it would provide only stats!

- You should see your damage changes in Path of Building, in game it calculates your stat stick in damage as well, showing you wrong numbers.

- You should aim your speed, movement and gameplay with the mindset of trying to keep up Vaal Reave as long as possible. I became a super speed Guardian maps farmer with that mindset while being a relatively slow mapper before.

- O w O is for weebs, O u O is for big dick boys



This is res capped, GG mirror & Legacy items with special functionalities kept in mind build but has some things ignored to not waste too much time on it.
The cost of this is unimaginable and 3 mirrors budget will get you probably to half of it which is still very cheap for such damage.

You should use this PoB build to understand better what to aim towards and what stats to focus on where.
Skill links here and items are not always updated.





I'll drop only a POB link and a few words. It's ultra safe and has every defence layer on it.

Updated 30th of May 2018 for 3.3


PoB does not show the final calculation of the physical reduction but the after all reductions you cut another 20%( Fortify) + 12%( AA) of the damage.

You can tank up to up to 15K melee phys hits with this as phys reduction for a 8000 damage hit( Double Minotaur single hit damage) would still leave you at somewhere 4000 health while wearing Abyssus.

Gear can be customized a lot if you wish and I encourage you to test different pieces that you find that might suit.

Any more block is unnecessary because of our Ascendancy which pushes us to max very often and easily




If you're a complete beginner, I suggest you to not start with it.

This is by far the most stacked Magic Finder that I have ever played in terms of item drops and strength. If you're not a giga pro and want to farm above up to 16, you should stick with this MF version. It's not suited for farming guardians but T16 maps themselves should be a breeze. It's not very expensive and you can take some tips and tricks from the claw version as well.


You have to use PoB for this version as this is more expert version and harder to play. You will also need PoB yourself in future for this. There are quite some gem changes as well.

Uber MF Sword Version - Updated 17th of July for 3.3


This is what keeps you alive and is core of the build. Try to get as high Quantity and Resistances as possible. 20%+ Resistance is highly suggested!

Second core of the build in terms of what we build around. You could use only magic item too but I like rarity a lot and can feel it as well during maps, so since we don't need more power, we can underequip ourselves.

This is the only acceptable mod for it since it frees a gem slot. Easiest way to craft it is to get a 2G 1R or 3G linked axe and then just start wasting Vaal orbs on them, hoping to get the mod. It's not necessary but helps. You should be getting it within 25 - 60 corruptions.

These with resistances are quite excess in Incursion because of the temple drops. You may alt spam yourself one as well.

Can be played on 5 link as well without rarity gem. You should swap rarity to conc for T3+ maps.

You may very well use a rarity version as well which is what I'll most likely do myself when starting a character as well.

Everything else is completely basic.



WARNING - I was thinking about removing this version because this version is weaker than the sword version but since it performed so well last leagues and it still works well and can go super greedy, I decided to keep it.

It's best to use this version if you're interested in farming <T10 maps for a long period. If you're not happy with this version, you can swap to sword version quite easily as well.
It takes around 20 regrets to respec yourself back to foil version. The tree cannot be improved much and the minor possible improvements would make you spend a lot more points on respeccing.
What I did in Incursion was that I respecced into swords at level 90 and kept MFing for 1-2 levels more as I had no troubles surviving anymore.

I made this version of the build to advance through maps and earn good bucks while mapping myself to Shaper because of Bestiary currency nerfs but This build is one of the highest IIQ and IIR builds possible during leagues while being very cheap and is able to go up to T16 if you swap out some gear.

I killed Shaper on day 3 in Flashback with this version but some changes and some Guardians needed even more item swaps to rare items but everything else was a breeze.

Remember, this version is to fill Atlas / MF / earn money to get yourself to Shaper and / or get good enough gear so you could farm T16 Guardians quick. You CAN do Guardians with this build but it's a lot quicker and eventually will get you better returns if you run the original foil version of the build.
I was able to kill Shaper simply because I am very very experienced and have done 200+ Shapers with this build.

If you're having any troubles, make adaptations to the build as higher tier bosses might not be as easy for you to run if you're not experienced or don't know how to fully optimize your character.

Path of Building to the build:

Uber MF Claw Version - Updated 17th of July for 3.3




This is for dual wielding from start til end and with refunds in order to make it smoother. If you use a shield to level you need to change dual wield nodes. I've also added Ascendancies and the switches in these.

40 points - https://www.pathofexile.com/passive-skill-tree/3.3.0/AAAABAQCAAHcBS0JWAvBFewhYC5TNZI17zrtQzFEnkd-U7tXl2BBY3BlTW87dO1343gNgUGE2YrwqW618rkdvTa-p7_VwBrBi8qQ02_T_Ni92sHbp-lG

60 points - https://www.pathofexile.com/passive-skill-tree/3.3.0/AAAABAQCAAHcBS0JWAvBFCAV7Bo-IWAoKi5TMgk1kjXvOu09AEMxRJ5HfkrIUEdTu1eXXz9gQWNwZU1ngGxGbbRuqm87cmx07XfjeA15aIFBhNmK8ItPl3moB6lutfK5Hb02vni-p7_VwBrBBMGLypDTb9P82L3awdun5FHpRu8O8i8=

80 points - https://www.pathofexile.com/passive-skill-tree/3.3.0/AAAABAQCAAHcBS0JWAvBDY0UIBXsGj4hYCP2JP0oKi5TMHwyCTWSNe831DrtPQBDMUSeR35KfUrITP9Nkk4qUEdRR1O7V5dbr18_YEFjcGVNZ4BsRm20bqpvO3JsdO1343gNeWiBQYTZh3aK8ItPjX2QCpd5o4qoB6lutfK5Hb02vni-p7_VwBrBBMGLypDTb9P82L3awdun5FHnVOlG7T_uDu8O8i_8xf_e

100 points - https://www.pathofexile.com/passive-skill-tree/3.3.0/AAAABAQCAAHcBS0FtQaLCVgKJgvBDY0UIBXsFf0g4yFgI_Yk_SgqLlMwfDWSNe831DrtPQBDMUSeRfRHfkp9TP9Nkk4qUEdRR1O7V5dbr18_X9pgQWKsY3Bkr2VNbIxvO29XdO12rHfjeA14GXloeu-BQYTZhVKHdoo4ivCLT419jYGNv5AKkn2XeZhvmy2bap2qo4qpbq2NtMW18rkdvTa-eL6nv9XAGsEEwYvBoMLsypDPftNv0_zWB9i92WHawdun3CPkUeXP51TpRuoY7T_uDu8O9zL8xf_e

113 points( LV 93) - https://www.pathofexile.com/passive-skill-tree/3.3.0/AAAABAQCAAHcA4cFLQW1BosJWAomC8EMcw2NDkMUIBXsFf0brSDjIWAj9iT9KCouUzB8Mfs1kjXvN9Q67UMxRJ5F9Ed-Sn1M_02STipQR1FHU7tXl1uvXz9f2mBBYqxjcGSvZU1oZWyMbztvV3GwdO12rHfjeA14GXlofXV_44FBhNmFUod2ijiK8ItPjX2NgY2_kAqSfZL3lWaXeZhvmy2bap2qo4qpbq2NsbO0xbXyuR29Nr6nv9XAGsEEwYvBoMLsyPDKkM1fz37Tb9N-0_zWB9i92WHawdun3CPkUeXP51TpRuoY7T_uDu8O8933MvgC-Ov8xf66_94=

If you don't have Path of Building I highly suggest you to get it as I can't write or link everything here.

Almost everything that is written in the rest of the guide also applies here, except for some items and skills.


I did not have exactly the same gear in Bestiary( since I barely played it) as in POB but quite close in strength. Also it's not important to get 100% perfect rolled gear as in POB, try to get the most optimal option. E.G 10 EX for Ventor's is not worth it!
Your only options to play with resistances and stats are unique item rolls / chest / stat stick & jewels. That's it! Make sure you roll them good!
If you're having trouble with HP/Resistances, swapping out belt( for a Stygian Vise) would be the best option for least impacting your MFing.

This was the gear that I killed all T16 rare Guardians with. For some I did switch off boots / rings for extra HP.


Item alternatives would be

Double Ventor's Gamble < -- If you're having trouble with resistances
Thief's Torment < -- Good for starting
10% Quantity Shaper amulet < -- Rather expensive
Perandus Blazon < -- Bisco's leash Rampage gives also IIR which is a lot better than 3% IIQ
Eyes of the Greatwolf with quantity < -- goes up to 20% IIQ

Definite nonos are:

Divination Distillate < -- Impossible to proc
Bisco's Collar < -- Overpriced and gives a lot less than other IIQ amulets


Everything is exactly the same as in the original guide( don't look at the links that I have linked above in items)


The Passive Tree is up to level 92 as from level 93 you should definitely make the switch to the foil version. Here's the Path of Exile website version of the skill tree:




That is completely up to you to decide what you do with MF, you have endless options and all of them are good. Even running random maps generates you 3x more wealth than you normally would.

You may also check my Power Siphon build guide where I talk a little bit more about MFing in general - https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2173407



3rd of August 2018 -

> New skill links - Whirling Blades get faster attacks
> Totem loses culling strike
> Additional CWDT setup, frost bomb removed.
> Pantheon is swapped to Soul of Arakaali - Build is now tankier and whirls faster.

31st of August 2018 - We went from 1M DPS to 1.3M DPS

> Herald of Purity instead of Arctic Armour
> Loreweave is officially the best
> No more Vaal Pact
> +1 Gem slot

Block got nerfed because it will probably be very strong in Delves, so we have that PLUS big buffs PLUS Delve items, especially -res items will be strong, it'll be at 1.5M DPS easily.

I've ran this build for 5 leagues now. In Incursion this was my starter simply because it's too good to not to. I will most likely use this build forever as my starting build.

Some good music to Reave with

Incursion Invaders - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fBfDtaljCcM

Krazy Kids - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L2jaX3995dw

Metal Men - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=abDg6kuUscM

Cool Chillers - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VUbliSZjrLw

Biscos Blayers - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yhsz6EAmCsU

Enjoy conquering the Atlas!



Uploaded an awesome Exsanguinate Freeze Explosion build on the forums - https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/3508506
Last edited by Kiss_Me_Quick on Oct 19, 2020, 2:35:24 PM
tanis36ru wrote:

Bandit is under skill tree spoiler currently, I'll make it a seperate section.
Uploaded an awesome Exsanguinate Freeze Explosion build on the forums - https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/3508506
I would love to see leveling guide. Which level is I should use Reave, and which gems should I link to? Any unique alternative to your armor?

Thank you

Very interesting build. I am trying it at the moment.
Are you dual wielding if you didn't use your off-hand ?
You didn't take Vitality Void : how do you feel against bosses with leech ?

Thank you, best regards.
Last edited by NemesoK on Jan 4, 2018, 5:33:55 AM
ShayeFaletha wrote:
I would love to see leveling guide. Which level is I should use Reave, and which gems should I link to? Any unique alternative to your armor?

Thank you

Not the creator of the guide, but I can help a bit here.

You probably don't want to use reave until you have quite a bit of attack speed and multistrike. I'd suggest holding off for a while. Around level 40 give it a spin and see how you like it. Also, I can't stress this enough: GET VAAL REAVE. It makes an enormous difference.

As for chest armor, all the usual suspects will work here. I'd suggest a belly if you can't get a really good shaped/elder 6link since it's a bit low on hp.
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