Showcasing New War for the Atlas Gems and Items

Just amazing, the pussybilities...
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wowo cute
Can we get a list of mods with tiers, what items can roll what and whether they are a prefix or suffix?

Easy to post for you guys and a lot of fucking around and currency for us.
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Completed 15 Challengesyungwhiz wrote:
TFW unearth has more base damage than EK. Even if you use LMP/Volley to make up for the lack of spread. Oh and it always pierces on top.

i'm pretty sure ethereal knives base damage is per projectile
I thought that the spell damage from detonate dead was supposed to be increased? Thats the same as the old gem.
Must try Unearth =D
Completed 9 ChallengesItchybuda wrote:
Oh look gems that mostly support ranged skills & minions. WOW NICE

go away
If we chaos those new items will they keep their unique affixes or loose like warband items?

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