Showcasing New War for the Atlas Gems and Items

Just amazing, the pussybilities...
Oh look gems that mostly support ranged skills & minions. WOW NICE

well looks like nothing has changed fundamentally with the game or boss mechanics.

All the usual ruse.

Like they say you can't polish a turd but you can roll it in glitter.

How about make a patch or Xpac were you deal with fixing some of the things in the game that make ppl want to face-roll their keyboards.

GGG solution: just skip content you will probably die too cause we arn't sure how to fix it.

We have changed the look of the skill wheel so it looks like you still have options >LULZ

basically create 10000 trash clearing builds but unless you have a health pool or ES out the ass its all pretty much irrelevant.

GGG solution: Makes everything safe from range so you can kill stuff off screen and if it's too hard just you know skip it.


Bleh I mean YAY HYPE !
wowo cute
Can we get a list of mods with tiers, what items can roll what and whether they are a prefix or suffix?

Easy to post for you guys and a lot of fucking around and currency for us.
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Completed 8 Challengesyungwhiz wrote:
TFW unearth has more base damage than EK. Even if you use LMP/Volley to make up for the lack of spread. Oh and it always pierces on top.

i'm pretty sure ethereal knives base damage is per projectile
I thought that the spell damage from detonate dead was supposed to be increased? Thats the same as the old gem.
Must try Unearth =D
Itchybuda wrote:
Oh look gems that mostly support ranged skills & minions. WOW NICE

go away
If we chaos those new items will they keep their unique affixes or loose like warband items?

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