Showcasing New War for the Atlas Gems and Items

cartouche_2 wrote:
Tindraa wrote:
cartouche_2 wrote:
I think that new bow mod is a massive mistake GGG.

I don;t mind powercreep but favouring bows above any other weapon, and above all giving it a single mod that outperforms the best mirrored bows on standard... ouch..

I thought that the elder/shaper items were a way to easily get a 6L running, so we can easier get a single target skill and an aoe skill without weapon swaps and stuff... but i never imagined you would completely bust the game balance like that.

I mean ALL my friends ALL say they're playing archer now. ALL OF THEM.

well done.

how about buffing melee for once?

What makes you think bows are the only thing being favored here? That rare was just an example.

Not trying to troll you...honestly asking as maybe I'm missing something.

im assuming itll be used the most on bows and wands, because ranger is the class with access to the most dexterity.

if it is not limited to bows it's a bit better than i thought, but only really usefull on dex heavy characters, aka wanders / bow users.

more and more we see that melee is garbage and ranged does more damage and is safer..

I mean why even bother playing melee in POE am i right?

I think those are an example of how out of whack the rares can drop with different mods. The whole point, I think, is that there will now be rares that drop on par with uniques. Or rares that can define builds. I don't think the game is intentionally favoring bows with this example, because I also saw a 1h sword example that had lvl 20 melee splash, 20 multistrike, and 18 faster attacks if I'm not mistaken.
Where is the melee skills.. oh wait you do not care about melee.. just stupid summoner builds... thanks
The speed...

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