Showcasing New War for the Atlas Gems and Items

God damn thats some good stuff
dorito unblock me
TFW unearth has more base damage than EK. Even if you use LMP/Volley to make up for the lack of spread. Oh and it always pierces on top.
Looks awesome can't wait!
holy macaroni the new ELDER/SHAPER rares are fking broken!!! (and i kinda love it)
Where is the Lightning tendrils new gem
Volley support instead od +2 barrage enchant sounds quite good and sounds better with legacy enchant helmet :D
Is it OK to feel guilty for killing an albino rhoa? The poor thing was scared and running away, and I slaughtered it. Does that make me a bad person?

So lvl 20 desecrate still gives lvl 100 corpses? Or some trash like 83?

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