Path of Exile 3.1.0: War for the Atlas Patch Notes

Where is the tenth mysterious skill gem?
Completed 3 Challengesjutomo wrote:
Where is the tenth mysterious skill gem?

At some point after 3.1, it's not gonna be ready by friday.
The Baron: Now adds half of your Strength to your Minions (rather than all of your strength). This affects all versions of the item.

Why? Building up strength on a witch is incredibly difficult. That modifier made it rewarding for those efforts. Seriously, getting to 1000 strength required at least two Efficient Training jewels, Astramentis, Alberon's Warpath (If not that, than three Brawn jewels) and having good stats on your rare items, since Necromancers usually require other unique items to be efficient in the game, which don't help much with defenses due to their stats. You obviously made this adjustment without noting the effort that it takes to get to this point. This is actually upsetting and unnecessary. The amount of currency that one needs to spend in order to obtain all those bonuses is quite a bit (Which will obviously be reduced due to this adjustment).

And since there's no comment on it, I assume the baron will still need 1000 strength for zombies to leech life, when minions will have much reduced damage than before, making this bonus even less desirable.
Hermit96isdsb wrote:
Life regeneration mods on rare items have been buffed across the board, with the existing highest tier mod now granting up to 20 life per second. Existing items can be updated to these new values using Divine orbs.

Yeah, life regen mods on items are pretty much utterly *useless* beyond level 10 or 20. Up to 20 life/sec - uhm, that's less than a level 1 regen gem (whatever it's called), and less than a level 1 earth golem.

Life recovery mods need to be a percentage, just like leech. Yeah, so that might enable players to get up around 20% total life regen per sec (if not more), but that still never comes close to the modified VP leech percentage.
And no matter how much regen you have, you'll still get one-shot by bosses during a moment of packet loss.
Was the Baron nerf necessary? Not really a nerf, more like brutally bludgeoning it till it stops twitching. Because the last time I heard of minion builds dominating the meta was...never. More mind boggling is why a retroactive nerf and not the item going legacy? Acuity went legacy, Kaoms went legacy, plenty of other chase uniques all have legacy variants, multiple in some cases. Can you PLEASE post the thought process behind this, I would really like to know how this became a thing you decided to do.
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So there are no Bloodseeker changes then?

We can still get our instant leech then?
You are no longer required to have the subject of a fated unique Prophecy equipped, and can now complete such prophecies by merely holding the unique item in your inventory while killing the correct boss.

While this is a huge QoL change for fated uniques, most of the fated uniques aren't that good\worth it to actually go for, so...ehh? :D Any buffs to those, sometime?
I mean they nerfed Static Strike and Champion, I'm happy that they didn't nerf Saboteur, Elementalist.... or those skills like Incinerate, Dominating Blow. You should definitely be thankful for that.
I only see about 3 good changes out of this whole bunch. Where are the buffs? These patch notes suck!
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Thanks for the increasing exp needed from level 95+. I will not bother with leveling anymore :(
24.1.2018 [quote="Dro28"]wheres my fragment tab?[/quote]

(I thought that was a joke)

25.1.2018: GGG- Introducing the Fragment Stash Tab!

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