3.0.2c Patch Notes

GGG make us change settings and graphics for less stress PC and less resources.
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tukuhama's vanguard spectres still crashing, while all other minion build are fine. multithreading enabled 1 crash every map, multithreading disabled 1 crash every second map. Pls fix this time
Question on the Scorching Ray/Pale Court bug crash. What exactly was causing this crash? I have had the arena crash while people were using scorching ray against my shock nova/curse build about 5 or 6 times in the past week. Wondering if there may be some connection there.
Im playing tukuhama's vanguard spectre and tukohama's fortress. Game still crashes. hope you guys can fix this problem soon.
I was playing tukuhama's vanguard spectre and tukohama's fortress. Lost 3 beachheads to this crash. My solution for now: don't use tukohama's fortress and use wickerman only.

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