[3.5] Ghostly Quad Totem HOWA. 10k ES, 77% Evade, 1.9 Mill Shaper DPS

I'd love if Waffle updated this - can someone ping him?
LückeDerBozz wrote:
did you ever kill uber elder with this build?

This is the only build i have ever taken uber elder down with. It's not faceroll like zerphi's poet's pen builds used to be but its very doable with some practice. I'm considering dropping purity of elements and wrath for puroty of ice/fire/lightning for running uber elder which might make it a lot easier.

WreckedIt wrote:
I'm still a bit unclear when it comes to some of the skill mechanics of this build, in particular with the Blade Flurry. How does this work and in what situations do I use it.

It is used mostly on bosses or occasionally on trash to proc your elemental overload, blind, and fortify. I try to just use it for a second on trash here and there and on bosses i try to spam it on them whenever I am not dodging. Minotaur i just drop totems and stand there spamming blade flurry and face tank him thanks to blind. it begins to feel pretty natural after a while.
we need a update for this build :D <3

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