[3.5] Ghostly Quad Totem HOWA. 10k ES, 77% Evade, 1.9 Mill Shaper DPS

How do you avoid being frozen as CI?

There is a pantheon power that lets you not be frozen if you have been frozen in the last 4 seconds.

Is that enough, with flasks that have the "no freeze" mod?
Mostly yeah. I try to always be planting totems so that even if im frozen they are still doing work until I hit the flask. If it brings es too low you can hit vaal discipline to start es recharge right away.

I'm probably not optimal. It's a fun build though.
I'll sometimes swap out the Sin Trek stealth boots, for Wanderlust wool shoes. You can't be frozen with those. You take a bit of a ES hit tho.
I Don't get it. You can't play totem build with out the +1 totem shield. What's up with that?
I'm still a bit unclear when it comes to some of the skill mechanics of this build, in particular with the Blade Flurry. How does this work and in what situations do I use it. I know it's not for only breaking barrels and vases which is what I currently use it for. I clear maps easily enough with just totems but I feel like I'm missing out on this key mechanic.
this build looks awesome, how do i view the spoilers to get the details?
did you ever kill uber elder with this build?
and could you maybe add "the best" corruptions and entchants for your items?
Hey, just wanted to say that this is my favorite build right now. It was such a smooth leveling experience. The playstyle ist so laid back too. I really enjoy your build and wanted to thank you for that.
I'd like to ask you whether you will update the tree for 3.6. I'm wondering which decisions you will make.

I'd love to see this touched on for 3.6

It seems like a really good build and fun to me (played Ele Hit Totems last league, enjoyed it)
Agree with the others, this needs a 3.6 update. A really fun build!

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