Path of Exile 3.0.0: The Fall of Oriath Patch Notes

Level 8: Breach (costs 6 Chaos Orbs): Areas contain 2 extra Breaches.

This will single-handedly keep Chaos Orb inflation from happening. Going to Breach every map. Going to be crazy. Extra motivation to do Zana Rotas now.

Also, RIP Vaal Spark and Vaal Fireball. No more spell echo, stacked Sacrificial Harvests, nerfed ES, crit, and Choir of the Storm. Ouch. Might as well remove Vaal Skills from the game at this point.
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"The average experience per monster has been slightly reduced at high levels."

I am very much against this one. It has already been very tedious to map after level 90+ and it has only become more boring. I was actually expecting an increase on XP at T12+ maps for more incentive.
"Asphyxia's Wrath: No longer has 40% reduced area effect of curses. No longer has 20% of physical damage converted to cold damage. Now grants 20% of physical damage added as extra cold damage. Now grants level 5 Frostbite. Doubled the radius at which curses can spread." No longer just gonna be a used as a quiver skin.
Don't allow the Hungry Corpse eat the Washed Up Exile beside you on The Twilight Strand. He's just like you.
nerfed all support builds(gs now limit to 3 and necr nerf as fk), rly ggg you wont ppl to play in group with own roles??
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"" The Cruel and Merciless resistance penalties have been moved to the completion of Act 5 and the completion of Act 10 respectively. Once either act has been completed, these penalties affect your character in all game areas. ""

Then i won't finish A10

Then you can't access maps with new chars...

I'll still enter in them.
Quick question, Will this game ever be able to support wasd movement ?
No need to hate, there are still players who would prefer this movement system, it would be nice this feature would be implemented any time soon.
I will give a constructive.. and a not so constructive view on this change.... we will start with constructive..... I do like the designs of areas you guys have made in the fall of oriath from what ive seen...I hope that you make a ice map that would be awesome for a change :3....the not so constructive....this is just my opinion but....I myself don't like how many nerfs there are sure there are a couple buffs here and there.. but for the majority its reducing a lot....I am also worried because a lot of my friends are considering leaving poe and many others due to such bold and big changes wich hurts not only us for trading or just being social... but ggg for making profit or any form of income....sure maybe 10 or 20 wont be missed much but if big groups start leaving poe then that's going to say something and it will show in numbers...I just hope this big change turns out for the best I myself will ride with it and try to encourage my friends to stay best I can :3... take what I say with a grain of salt as that's just whats in my mind... thanks for reading my ramble lol :/ peace
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"Viridian Grand Spectrums now grant 12% Elemental Damage per Grand Spectrum"

Is it Misspelling?

capped at 3

Yaeh, i see it now. those 2 changes should be at 1 line, cuz some people may take Infarction
Bex_GGG wrote:

The Necromancer's Commander of Darkness skill now grants 3% increased Attack and Cast Speed to you and Allies per aura (down from 5%), and 30% increased Damage for you and Allies affected by your Auras (instead of 10% increased Damage for you and Allies per aura).

As the wording has changed to be similar to the +20% all resist, will aura effectiveness will no longer affect the increased damage gain?
[3.4] 83/83 Block Herald of Agony Gladiator - Über Elder Viable
[3.1] SRS LL Auramancer in-depth guide
Consuming Dark still 100% chance to poison on hit with chaos damage?

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