Path of Exile 3.0.0: The Fall of Oriath Patch Notes

RIP Viper Strike. :(
Sometimes you can take the game out of the garage but you can't take the garage out of the game.
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I left GGG

Thanks GGG for making me stop playing this game :) I will enjoy free time

Nobody cares?
Great changes!
Are existing shavs nerfed? So we now have double legacy shavs???
Path of Nerfs,

Yes please GGG, fuck the most fun skills to play even more !!

yeah buff wild,strike, elemental strike and glacial hammer, cause we all want to play with that shit
YES I support the game, NO I dont agree with many GGG decisions
Atlas of Worlds is the worst thing that happen to POE.
Lab still sucks balls.
Aylardex nerfed. Feels bad, man.
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Not through all the notes so far but most of this makes sense.

KB seems like a weird change though, given that there's not much else for wanders out there.

Had to stop at this one though to comment:

Caustic Arrow's damage over time grows more quickly as it levels, up to 765 base Chaos damage per second at gem level 20 (up from 550.3). It is also now modified by projectile damage modifiers.

Proj damage has always affected CA's cloud. The description's just been updated or some such.
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Keep up the good work GGG
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So if you stack 10 Viridian Grand Spectrums, you will have 12%*10*10 = 1200% elemental damage?

Grand Spectrum: Now limited to 3. Note that this limit is shared across all versions of Grand Spectrum.
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Bex_GGG wrote:
Path of Exile 3.0.0 - The Fall of Oriath
Kinetic Blast can no longer deal explosion damage to the target it hit with its initial projectiles.

Can someone please explain what this means? Are you saying the subsequent 4 explosions no longer damage the lone target or that the initial projectile (not tagged with aoe) no longer hits the lone target?

Each time a Kinetic Blast projectile hits a target, it spawns a series of explosions. That series of explosions cannot hit that same target, since it already took damage from the projectile hit. Other explosions, caused either by other projectiles, or by the same projectile hitting something else (chain, pierce, etc) can still hit that target.

EDIT: To expand more, this changes very little for existing content. The minimum spread on the explosions meant they could only hit the target that triggered them with extreme values of AoE, on large targets.
Fall of Oriath introduces several bosses that are much larger than the previous maximum object size of the game, making this necessary to prevent KB always hitting them with the projectile and every explosion.
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