Path of Exile 3.0.0: The Fall of Oriath Patch Notes

I played KB wander for over 2 years or so, KB nerf seems massive but will see how this plays out for me.

Even if this kills my build I don't care, still the amount of work you put into this expansion and the game itself is impressive.

Please don't listen to this people crying about nerfs, balance is a must.
Sounds good :)
So if you stack 10 Viridian Grand Spectrums, you will have 12%*10*10 = 1200% elemental damage?
How can anyone be excited for this? It's a list of nerfs with zero buffs on unused skills. lol wat?
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Completed 3 ChallengesAziah wrote:
Completed 8 ChallengesShotslol wrote:
Thanks for the changes and overdue nerfs to things. Time for people to find new things to play with :D Refreshing meta inc hopefully.

Whats so good about nerfing everything if you dont fix old weak skills? All they did is make it so there are a handful of builds in a game that prides itself on tons of builds to play.

Obviously you didn't read the patch notes. There are so many more build possibilities now.
that's a lot of words! good work devs
Bex_GGG wrote:
Path of Exile 3.0.0 - The Fall of Oriath

[li]The game client now plays the animated Grinding Gear Games logo on startup while loading. It can be skipped once the minimum amount of data is loaded.[/li]

[li]The loading screen now displays rotating gears.[/li]

u have new loading
I left GGG

Thanks GGG for making me stop playing this game :) I will enjoy free time
Why bother finding a Mirror of Kalandra if it can be [Removed by Support]
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Notes? Notes? Epic novel more like ;)
๐“†ฃ๐“†ฃ๐“†ฃ๐“†ฃ๐“†ฃ๐“†ฃ๐“†ฃ๐“†ฃ๐“†ฃ๐“†ฃ๐“†ฃ๐“†ฃ๐“†ฃ๐“†ฃ๐“†ฃ๐“†ฃ๐“†ฃ๐“†ฃ๐“†ฃ๐“†ฃ๐“†ฃ๐“†ฃ๐“†ฃ๐“†ฃ๐“†ฃ๐“†ฃ๐“†ฃ๐“†ฃ๐“†ฃ๐“†ฃ๐“†ฃ๐“†ฃ๐“†ฃ๐“†ฃ๐“†ฃ๐“†ฃ๐“†ฃ๐“†ฃ๐“†ฃ๐“†ฃ๐“†ฃ๐“†ฃ๐“†ฃ๐“†ฃ๐“†ฃ๐“†ฃ๐“†ฃ๐“†ฃ๐“†ฃ๐“†ฃ SCARABS!

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