Immortal Golemancer Elementalist - Updated for 3.0 !


As the picture shows, this is a Witch Elementalist utilizing up to SIX Golems! (No Crit, CI)

We are going to take golems to the absolute extremes with this one..

( This is NOT a budget friendly build! )

To gain the amount of ES and all gems needed for clearing all the end-game content, the gearing will be fairly expensive. If not VERY



+ ** Clears all content **
+ ** Fast Map Clear AND Boss-Kills, INSANE DPS **
+ ** Visually & Audibly Satisfying **
+ ** Unique and Fun Playstyle **
+ ** Immortal Shaper/Guardian/Atziri Farming **
+ ** Can do ALL Map Mods, no exceptions **

- ** Can get Extremely Expensive **
- ** Somewhat hard-to-grasp playstyle, not beginner friendly **
- ** Hard to level with, at certain points atleast **
- ** Surviveability can sometimes be an issue **



Soul of the Brine King OPOP - Cuz' Getting stun-locked kills you.
Other options would probably be Solaris for boss fights & Lunaris for higher clear-speed in maps.


Ryslatha is the best option so far, thou we haven't seen what stats you'll get from Garukhan and Shakari yet..
Second option could be Tukohama, but wouldn't recommend it.



Ascendancy Points: Liege of the Primordial -> Paragon of Calamity ->
Pendulum of Destruction -> Mastermind of Discord

Bandits: Kill All For X2 Skillpoints


My skill-tree is for a level 90 character, the levels beyond is just grabbing either " % " life nodes for the minions, or some more ES for you.

Start of by grabbing the ES nodes to "Deep Wisdom", after that you basically just fill out the "skeleton" on the skill-tree by picking up all the stats nodes you will need to get to all the specifik jewel sockets and important nodes for later on.

You might wanna grab some 30+ str/dex nodes for easier item equip. These will probably be re-specced later on anyway.

Also grab all the Life nodes that you are passing close by, these will aswell be re-specced into full CI later on.

Grab "Elemental Equilibrium" when you get your Curse setup working in a 3 or 4-link.

When you're grabbing the jewel sockets, equip the Anima Stone and Primordial Might first, then fill up with Harmony's as you go, try to have atleast a few of them early on and aim to get all 10 of them. This way the damage will be sustained for the leveling.

An alternative option is to take a few of the minion damage nodes aswell, the best ones would be "Gravepact" / "Lord of the Dead" and "Death Attunement". If you are uncertain of which side you should spec points into to get to these points, always go for the damage nodes and leech nodes.

One huge issue with this build is the Mana-management, the fire golems costs an absurd amount of mana to summon, and while running anger and disciplin this might even be possible, so, when starting of summon all golems, THEN turn on auras, if you are in a fight where the golems gets killed (wont happen that often) then remove one of the auras and re-summon while not actually turning the aura back on unless you find the time while moving around.

An alternative option of running this much minion life is that you respec some of the % life nodes into either curse effectivness or more ES. The Golems will most likely not die anyway.


If you got some currency pre-making this character (as I would strongly recommend due to the cost of the build) get yourself a Tabula Rasa or Skin of the Loyal armour, Goldrim Helm, x2 Lifesprig wands and Wanderlust boots.

Start of by using any spell you prefer (I like Freezing Pulse) and just equip it in one of the Lifesprig's, try and level as many gems as possible in Tabula and in your off-hand aswell. (like dual daggers for example)
Gems in here will still get XP thou you can not actually use them. If you wanna go full-on-tryhard you get yourself a 20% Empower at level 1 or 2 and start to level that in the off-hand using a 6% quality Haku weapon.

Keep on leveling with spells until you hit 41, you can summon the Flame Golems at 38, but unless you got dual Clayshapers this won't be enough. When you got these, grab the Sidehe amulet aswell and at this point you kinda need to equip the Anima Stone / the Primordial Might & atleast 2 of the Harmony's. Also get your first ascendancy point in Liege of the Primordial aaaaaaand...

....With this, you are ready to GO! Everything here on out will be a breeze :)


This is by far the most important part of the build, we are going to use a whooping 12 sockets!
The required uniques is as following:
The Anima Stone
Primordial Might
Primordial Harmony

You just need ONE Anima stone & Might Jewel, the rest is going to be 10 Harmony's.

How this works is that by using the Anima Stone, you will get ONE extra golem, and since we are going to have more then 3 Primordial Jewsel's, we will actually get TWO extra golems instead.

The Might jewel is a good damage booster, but what we are really after is the "Your Golems are more aggressive" which means that your Golems are more likely to attack enemies. This is essential.

The reason for grabbing 10 of the Harmony Jewels is basically because this is the absolute best way to scale the golems damage and surviveability, by far.
One could argue that it might be worth using 9 of these, and adding a Primordial Eminence instead.
It shouldn't matter that much thou, so this is up to you.


** As for items, the required uniques you will "need" or is highly recommended that you use are:

Weap: Clayshaper x2
Amulet: Sidhebreath (preferably with +1 to curses on it)
Armour: Skin of the Loyal

Other then that, I'd strongly recommend using a helm with 40% increased Flame Golem Damage Enchantment.

Flasks: Kiara's Determination
Rest is up to you, but I'd recommend running a Basalt and a Stibnite flask for defence and a Quartz & Quicksilver aswell for movementspeed.


You want the Clayshaper's for the obvious +1 to summoned golems, combined with the Anime Stone this will make it: +1 (base summon) 1+1 (weap) 1+1 (anima stone) and +1 from the Liege of the Primordial Ascendancy point for a total of .... SIX Golems!

Boots: High ES, MS, Res, try get the "80% chance to Avoid being Stunned if you've Killed Recently" enchantment here.

Gloves: High ES, Res, Stats if needed

Chest: Skin of the Loyal for the 6-link and +1 to socketed gems & Global Defence.

Helm: High ES, Res, Int, 40% increased Flame Golem Damage Enchantment.

Amulet: Sidhebreath with +1 o curses, this amulet is overall a huge booster to golems btw.

Rings: High Res, ES and try getting the "20% faster start of energy shield recharge rate" crafted on them, together with the Bated Breach belt this is just a insanely good defence option.

Belt: Bated Breath is a good option here, especially we want the ES Recharge rate, otherwise just go for high ES, Res, and maybe flask duration/charges.


Main DPS Setup

Flame Golem -> Fire Penetration -> Greater Multiple Projectiles ->
Minion Damage -> Spell Echo -> Conrolled Destruction
For Tougher bosses swap out GmP for LmP (Lesser Multiple Projectile)
And swap out Fire Pen for Empower level 4. (or atleast a lvl 3)

Movement Setup

Flame Dash -> Faster Casting -> Convocation -> Desecrate - > Flesh offering
Try connecting Dash with faster casting and convo.
Dese and flesh as a second with perhaps the Lightning Golem.

Curse Setup

Ball Lightning -> Flammability -> Elemental Weakness -> Curse on Hit
This is mighty strong if u got the +1 curse amulet
Otherwise you can spec into "Whispers of Doom" in the skill tree for the +1 extra curse.

Aura Setup

Generosity -> Anger -> Disciplin
Use gene and anger together, put disciplin with something like convocation and flame dash instead.

Cast when damage taken setup

CwdT -> Immortal Call -> Phase Run
Great for survivability in general

Utility Setup

Vaal Lightning Trap - > Vaal Summon Skeletons
The Trap for the obvious SHOCK dmg increase for the bosses and Skeletons to help you get some breathing room in the tougher fights.

Another huge thing to be aware of in this case is the level of the gem or gems.
A 21/20 Lightning Golem gem is nice, but not needed, same goes for all the other gems, it's just a nice increase of damage by getting 20/23 or 21/20 gems here.
BUT Optimally you would want a 21/20 Fire Golem, this is not just because of the extra damage, the most value of this is the extra HP the golems gets, combine a 21 gem with a Skin of the Loyal (+1) and a Empower 4 (+3) makes the Golems go completely bananas at a whooping level of 25 !

As an example: using Fire Pen instead of Empower gives the golems around 25k life
But with the empower this goes to a stunning 38k !

Note that there is no real reason to use the Empower unless going up against things like Minotaur, Trio or Chayula.


5 Fire Golem's and 1 Lightning Golem, this setup is for the maximum amount of DPS.

HOW TO Golemancer, Tips & Tricks

For the tougher fights or for a slightly faster map clear, put down 1-3 stacks of Desecrate and use Flesh Offering, this grants the golems IAS, MS and CS. OR use the corpses just lying around ;)

Sometimes the golems forget that you are their master, therefore resulting in them staying a bit "behind" while u run n' clear, just use Convocation and show them who the baws really is..

For mapping: Basically just run, golems will clear (almost) everything, they sometimes but rarely skips a few mobs, depending on how fast you wanna run really. Use the Lightning Ball to curse huge packs or tougher enemies, use the dese/flesh combo to gain more speed, das it mane.

Bosses in General: They die, fast. But try get one curse in and then stay behind the golems.

Easy as pie, Uber on the other hand is a bit more tricky..

First phase - is easy, just try n' not get hit and the golems will do the job for you.

Second phase - is were it gets interesting, I'd recommend killing the chick in the middle as fast as u can, run to the other side of the room and curse her, after that you almost have to kill the spin2win guy, since he's using bleeds and high phys damage which is one of the few things in the game that can actually damage and kill your golems. The Last guy is easy after that.
Remember that the golems will focus the one that you curse, more or less atleast.

Third phase - is Atzubi herself, she cant kill the golems, but you will most likely die, who cares thou, just go grab a cup of coffé and wait until they done-her-in. Make sure to play safe as sh*t when you go inbetween the phases, the "trash-mobs" do insane damage..

This is just sucha breeze, the only boss that will probably be of any annoyance is if you get Malachai.
The running inbetween phases is just like "pop quicksilver n' quartz flask and Forest F*cking Gump-it! Boss before shaper phases is easy, dodge a few black balls, let golems finish it.
Same for shaper, unless you are lazy like me then u go in-> die -> loot when golems are done.
You will probably die in all the shaper fights, so you will need 3 portals, unless you learn to dodge. It is viable to do it deathless just sayin'..


Hydra & Phoenix: Go in, die, loot after. require no tactics.

Minotaur: This guy can actually kill the golems, you might wanna run n' re-summon them and curse him, probably need a few portals here.

Chimera: This is the hardest fight of the four, in the mob-phase you just pretty much have to avoid to get hit, das it. In the actuall boss-fight try and stay outside his aoe range, run-around and curse. The tricky part is the smoke-phase, you just gotta be a bit on the lucky side here and hope to god that you find him in one of those clouds quick enough to not die several times.
The golems can't find him for you and the smoke-phase won't end unless you do find him.

Breach Bosses:
Xoph / Esh / Tul & Uul-Netol are easy boss-kills, the tricky part is to get there fast enough. Thou the golems have both the dps and the speed to match the breach, you are in a situation where you kinda have to "push-em-on" a bit by both buffing them and also be the one running in the front line, which makes this a bit dangerous. Use a portal now-and-then, and try stay alert with the flask management and this should be fine.
I won't recommend that you run the Chayula breach even thou it is manageable.
It's just too much of a gamble, the clearing-speed is barely keeping up here.
But by all means, I've done it so you CAN do it.


If you have any questions I will gladly respond to those, and if you want me to take a look at your build check out my Homepage Forum, link is below for more information!

So if you have any feedback or just wanna throw away a comment, feel free to post here or contact me throu my Homepage / stream / Facebook / Youtube Channel
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Herd the Flock?

The golems are completely immune to elemental damage (LotP)... why would they need elemental resistances?

How's your build different from this one?
Last edited by tomay on Jun 1, 2017, 7:54:24 AM
Idunno didn't check that build out, will do.
But firstly mine is not focused on MF, just pure clearing n' boss farming.

The "Herd the Flock" node is useless, BUT the nodes around it is not.
15% dmg and 1,5% regen is really strong and if u gain some more levels you can go into "Puppet Master" for much more life, if needed.

Basically you dont even need all the minion life, and could go for more ES or curse effectivness as I wrote, but that is up to you to decide.

Im playing a new build and dont really need to improve this build more since I already farmed all content in the game.

Thanks for the input thou and make sure to reply if you have anything else ;)


Edit: Hopefully my guide covers some aspects and areas that other golem guides don't
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hey, just a quick tip: going 4 flame golems / 1 lightning golems + victarios charity is better than 5 flame golems. you gain access to shield charge/fortify, faster clearspeed and more mobility in general :)

for bossfights you can opt into phase run which will have 100% uptime due to permanent frenzy charge generation from your golems. just in case you have troubles staying alive vs shaper/guardians etc.
linkan1337 wrote:
The "Herd the Flock" node is useless, BUT the nodes around it is not.

But you don't have to take the Keystone in order to get the small nodes around it, do you?

Other than that, this build is pretty much the same as the other one... whether you add some IIQ/IIR to maximize the boss loot or not is just a matter of gear choices. ;)
KinGGaiA wrote:
hey, just a quick tip: going 4 flame golems / 1 lightning golems + victarios charity is better than 5 flame golems.

Victario's Charity does nothing ... without the Necromantic Aegis Keystone. ;)

Other than that, supercharged golems are more fun indeed.
Lol. Its cool man. From what I've noticed, most builds are copies of each other. Like the ST howa there are like 10 of them.. same with pizza totems, etc. This is funny though.
tomay wrote:
linkan1337 wrote:
The "Herd the Flock" node is useless, BUT the nodes around it is not.

But you don't have to take the Keystone in order to get the small nodes around it, do you?

Other than that, this build is pretty much the same as the other one... whether you add some IIQ/IIR to maximize the boss loot or not is just a matter of gear choices. ;)

True, wasnt sure if that's a change or not thou, was pretty sure they were connected once, or my eyes might have played tricks on me ;) Will def. remove that as of now. Thanks for noticing!

KinGGaiA wrote:
hey, just a quick tip: going 4 flame golems / 1 lightning golems + victarios charity is better than 5 flame golems. you gain access to shield charge/fortify, faster clearspeed and more mobility in general :)

for bossfights you can opt into phase run which will have 100% uptime due to permanent frenzy charge generation from your golems. just in case you have troubles staying alive vs shaper/guardians etc.

Interesting, will def. try out this version of "super-charged" golems sometime, but as of now I'm rolling 6.
Reason for 6 was purely for getting the max amount of raw dps out, since removing 1 is a dps loss even thou the other one might be faster in maps.
Here are 2 Shaper kills on my Youtube Channel.
Will upload Uber Atziri (Killed twice already, but forgot to upload)
Will upload Atziri, and Guardians provided i get some guardian maps in std... :( Shaper 1 Shaper 2

Managed to kill Shaper and Guardians with around 5k ES using a Skin of the Loyal.
Switched to a 800ES regalia today and have around 9k ES now, should make Azubi easier.. >.>

May have to buy a 21 Disc. Wonder if i can play this as Life Build too because of the inc ES nerfs, OR even go LL with more damage auras to my Golem Bro's? Like Hatred and Wrath and whatever do get them stronger in a 4L dropping something else (Flame Dash..).

What ive learned so far: Stone Golems SUCK, Flame Golems OPIE, Lightning Golem OK, Ice Golem MEH.
Will level up some more and switch back to Skin of the Loyal once i have more passives to get around 8k ES without Vaal Regalia.

Is it even worth doing Merc and Uberlab? I mean cruel is ok to get Paragon of Calamity, actually its just for the baby node get free res% lmao

EDIT: Uber Atziri is doable but the TRIO is almost impossible. They WILL oneshot your golems.
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