[1.0.1] HvR's Ranger (Level 100) - Updated for Release

Streaming gameplay at: www.twitch.tv/havoc616/
List of current gear/spec is in Build 3

Hi, going to post some builds here to hopefully provide a helpful resource and to give new players some guidance. I'm currently playing HC/Nemesis but the builds should be just as viable on SC/Domination. If you have any feedback/questions/suggestions please let me know. There are currently 3 Builds listed below.


Build 1: Balanced Tanky/DPS (Beginner Recommended)
75 Points

103 Points

114 Points

Things to Note
- When leveling a new character I recommend using ROA from the start (mana will be annoying sometimes, use a BM/ML gem or mana pots)
- If you go ROA take point blank and unspec it later
- Switch to LA when you preferably have a 5L and a chain gem and use Frenzy for your single target
- The reduced reservation nodes by Sovereignty are taken to run 3 x 60% auras with an Alpha Howl - Don't take the reduced aura nodes without an alpha howl (do take the increased effect nodes though)
- If you have a high phys bow - considering getting nodes such as Path of the Warrior (near scion) or Aspect of the Eagle (Ranger)
- I would recommend Resolute Technique if you don't use a Lioneyes
- Static Blows combines well with The Taming ring
- If you're leveling a new character, you most likely won't need static blows until maps
- Blood Dance boots are very cheap (1-3chaos) and are great boots for a new character. The life regen from the frenzy charges allows you to use damage supports over LL/LGoH when you have limited links
- Be careful on reflect & -max maps. You may want to take WED out of your links if you aren't using LL or LGoH (On HvR I used LGoH + LL to mitigate reflect even in some -max reflect maps. However that is no longer possible since the blood magic node was nerfed and you need to use a BM gem now)
- Use dual Brightbeak's with Leap Slam + Faster Attacks + Blood Magic for high mobility
- Key thing to note on any PoE Character: This is your character and everyone has different play styles, if you feel you can drop some life and get more damage than do that or need more defenses such as life or armour or endurance charges than take them. The best builds are the ones that are tested.
- Use this as a reference, not a copy the skill tree and auto win.

5L (6L): Lightning Arrow - Blood Magic - Weapon Elemental Damage - Lesser Multiple Projectiles - Chain - (Life Leech or LGoH)

4L (6L): Frenzy - Blood Magic - Weapon Elemental Damage - Faster Attacks - (Life Leech) - (Added Fire if Phys or Qual Added Lighning)

4L: Phys: Reduced Mana - Hatred - Wrath/Anger/Grace/Determination/Haste (Choose 2)
Ele: Reduced Mana - Wrath - Anger - Grace (or again Choose whatever combination you want)

: Cast on Damage Taken - Enduring Cry - Molten Shell - (Curse or Decoy/Rejuv Totem or XXX)

: Utility Slots - Here are some random combinations you can use
Cast on Damage Taken - Summon Skeletons - Blind - Curse
Spell Totem - Summon Skeletons - Faster Casting - Blind
Spell Totem - Summon Skeletons - Faster Casting/Blind & Non-Linked Curse (3L + 1L)
Curse - Curse - Enduring Cry - Faster Casting
So on and so on, be creative :)

Skill Point or 40 HP - IAS or Phys Damage - Frenzy or Endurance or Skill

This is mostly personal opinion but on my HP chars I prefer:
Seething Hallowed of Staunching - Seething Hallowed of Grounding - Panicked Hallowed of Heat - Ample/Perpetual Granite of Warding - Ample Quicksilver of Adrenaline

Build 2: Full Tank (HvR Build)
116 Pts

Things to note
- Read Things to note from Build 1
- The only difference between Build 1 and 2 is you basically try to get as many life node as possible to get extremely tanky, but sacrificing damage.
- I would highly recommend using a Doedre's Damning ring to use two damage curses on easy maps to offset your lack of damage nodes if there isn't already a designated curser in the party
- Originally on HvR I used LL and LGoH on my Lightning arrow but you can no longer do that since you want to use a blood magic gem due to the weakness of the blood magic node. I've theorized using Split Arrow instead of Lightning arrow which allows you to drop LMP and still use 2 Leech Gems

Build 3: Voltaxic Rift Crit Build (Not beginner friendly)

This is the current build I'm running on Nemesis, its a variation of a CI crit build I used to run and I'm still testing different variations to find out whats best. You need a Voltaxic Rift for this build to work. I would not recommend this build for new players unless you know what you're doing.

As of Dec 16th, I'm level 87 with the following skill tree

with the following gear:

RIP HvZ 90


Outdated - will update after I finish testing some stuff (its slightly lower right now)

6 Frenzy Charges:
21,879.8 Frenzy - 86% Accuracy - 27.2% Crit Chance - 797 Crit Multi - 4.74 APS
5,619.1 Split w/ Pcoc - 86% Accuracy - 27.2% Crit Chance - 636% Multi - 3.23 APS
6,601.6 Split w/ Crit Dmg Gem - 86% Accuracy - 27.2% Crit Chance - 794% Multi - 3.23 APS

6 Frenzy + 4 Power Charges:

27,146 Frenzy - 86% Accuracy - 37.2% Crit Chance - 797 Crit Multi - 4.74 APS
6,844.4 Split w/ Pcoc - 86% Accuracy - 37.2% Crit Chance - 636% Multi - 3.23 APS
8,188.1 Split w/ Crit Dmg Gem - 86% Accuracy - 37.2% Crit Chance - 794% Multi 3.23 APS

On All DPS Stats + Shock Stacks (30% Per) + 10% Per Shock Stack / Burn (Fire Dmg on my Ring) / Freeze (Cold dmg on my amulet & hatred from party). This totals to a maximum of 140% increased damage if I have everything stacked.

5L (6L):LA - BM - WED - LMP - CHAIN - (LL/LGoH/XXX)
SA - BM - WED - CHAIN - LL - (Crit Damage/PCoC/XXX)

4L (6L): Frenzy - BM - WED - Crit Damage - (FA) - (LL/PCoC/XXX)

4L: Reduced Mana - Wrath - Grace - Purity of Lightning

Skill Point or Oak - IAS - Frenzy

Calculate your resists easily for ele weakness maps:

Open Beta Legacy Guide (OLD)

** Under Construction ** - recreating it, just going to link gear and skill tree.

Streaming gameplay at: www.twitch.tv/havoc616/
If you are interested in my road to 100: http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/390491

Level 100 Skill Build

- The damage is not that high. It's designed to be extremely tanky and do every single map mod solo utilizing a large hp pool, mitigation, life leech and life on hit on a LMP Lightning Arrow that Chains
- Can easily be changed into an Aura Stack Build or RoA build
- The optimal starting area for this build is marauder as you can save 5 points and use them wherever you please

Bandit Rewards
Normal - 40 HP
Cruel - 12% Phys Dmg
Merciless - +1 Frenzy Charge

Current Gear

- Used a Doedre's ring to dual curse if we didn't already have one capable of it. Had to use Sorrow Hold on ele weakness maps to cap out resists. If I didn't need to use Doedre's with my rare ring I could lose an int node
- If you do not wish to use a chitus, I would recommend an Alpha Howl for increased damage / evasion from auras or a life/tri res helmet. Some people use Starkonja's but I haven't decided on it yet.


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Thanks for posting. I'm following nugi's build but I'll inspect and compare both. :)
2nd try for koams? - I hate you :D

Thanks for the guide. My girlfriend likes to get a insight in different ranger builds for endgame. I talked with her about the weaponswitching with leap + faster attacks, maybe she will adapt it in her gameplay.
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Appreciate this post as I was one of those annoying players that messaged you in game requesting for your build.
IGN: Spinnntwoowinn
Thanks mr. #001 player of PoE (currently:D) :)

gonna check it out
I wish I had seen your tree earlier. It would take too much to change to meet it for me at this point but I'm not too far off from what you do. My stats don't even come close but I don't have the same equipment you do either. Nice build and glad to see it works well for you.
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Thank you for your build! I might try this on my next ranger, currently working on a phy crit ranger too far in to change things up, but have been interested in trying elemental.

Thanks for post mate
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Updated damage numbers since I had some gems level up.
Twitch.tv/Havoc616 --- Youtube.com/Havoc616
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#1 Atziri & Uber Atziri Kill Invasion - #1 Bloodlines Uber Kill
Fix Level 100 Ladder Bug (November 2013)
Hey dude what skill gems did you use whilst leveling up? At what level did you start using LA? Thanks

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