Build of the Week S06E03: djnat's Mistress of Agony

Perq wrote:
Sorry to say that, but this is hardly a interesting build. :V I've seen 101 variations of that build. It being Scion doesn't change much.

No point in highlighting a build that is already highlighted to all hells.

Bex is still cute, tho. :=)

Ok Quagmire.
Path of Exile; A world where you are free from pay to win. Unlimited builds, vast enemy mods and a strong end game. Unrivaled community in real life and rewarding developers.
Path of exile is one of the best ARPGS created/ Died 25 times to 1 boss in Path of Exile and would rip again.
poor Felipe_GGG,

no characters on his account, guess he has seperate play and work account.
I think trickster is much better for this.
Dayhum Bex, now that's a voice I could listen to.
Sp, why exactly is this build interesting? It's just a plain and simple ED build.
Next botw Lowlife blade vortex pathfinder incoming
Generic ED build... Meh.
Nemesis IGN: [Removed by Admin]
Zomg Essence Drain so special! Guess they needed a rebound this week to get away from build of the weak.
ProbablyGettingNerfed - L100 Occultist
Vinktarded - L100 Pathfinder
GoogleDiversityHire - L100 Necromancer

3.13 was the pinnacle of PoE. IVYS+1 Gang 4 Life.
Love your voice Bex !
being forced to use ascendant instead of occulist is so ironic :)
chaotic neutral

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