Build of the Week S06E03: djnat's Mistress of Agony

Sooo can we please get the cinematic camera view for our own recordings? :P
standard ED....why is this even a BoTW
Why isnt the wormblaster a BoTW. it is one of the most insane builds i've ever seen in the 4 years of playing Poe
dephness wrote:
Sarge_101 wrote:
Dayhum Bex, now that's a voice I could listen to.

that is so creepy! want to smell her hair too? what the hell is wrong with people like you.

I feel kinda like my build from last league was overlooked here :/ same idea pretty much but focuses more on the curse aspects, contagion AoE size (clearspeed) and evading attacks with enfeeble, dodge and evasion. Defensively this is far more effective.
But even with all that, ED builds are so common now they could pick one of the more interesting ones that use some crazier mechanics. I just find it strange that this is the one they picked.

Still props to the build maker, it is still a very well put together ED build.

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