Season One, Race Event 12: One Hour Solo

grats Chris on making the 900s i'm 5 above you apparently XD.
First time i lived for an hour in one of these races, seriously. Cheers!
Died 10 minutes before finish line @ lvl 14 grrr

good stuff
ign: Icecharm
Got my first of either demi, though powster basically handed it to me... lol.

Played quite safe in Western since I was ahead, so my xp was bad. No ms boots make me sad as well.


The race went really smoothly at least on my part and congratz to the winners!
Accidentally sold my bow and couldn't buy a new one because my level was too high and dex requirements were too big. Had to punch and firetrap my way from level 10 to 11 for the last 10 minutes because also didn't have any melee weapons, made it to 11 with 1 minute to spare.
gg came 6th, was a fun race ! i had the worst act 1 maps... in ledge i did not attack a single skeleton before waypoint.. i never seen such low ledge spawn, and i did brutus with 2 copper white copper swords haha

Mervail dropped these hahha

i made up a ton of time when i entered western when i alched the first sword that dropped..

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Anyone else experiencing this thing where your character suddenly freezes and you can't perform any movement or attack? Had to bail a couple of times because of it.
Great race!! Best performance of my life in that one hour, got top 100 spot and could've gotten higher! So stoked for the next one hour solo race, GG all
IGN: KingDanlol

Always looking for people to party with and make new friends!

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