Season One, Race Event 12: One Hour Solo

with the timings can't do these events very often, and of the 3 I have done 2 I die because of desync, just not fun.
lol................... died to chatters. I didn't get a single portal scroll and couldn't afford my 2nd coral ring when I went to town with waypoint. Got into prison saw chatters near doorway but thought I could quicksilver passed him but that was wrong. Instant freeze with my already low hp from no 2nd coral was fast death lol.

That really sucks seriously.. Next one hour solo is a week from now and I practiced a lot for this race. Would've easily reached level 19.5 since I got fast movespeed boots....

chatters......................................... cant believe it that was so dumb of me.. shouldve lured him like 5-10 seconds for 100% safety
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died at prisoner's gate. see you next race.
Really hope they do more of these 1-2 hour solo races.
Well, this was literally the most stupid death I had in a race. I was at Ship Graveyard and simply, two rare Spectres jump onto me, one with increase move speed aura, plus a lot of Rhoas charging at me with increased speed. I had zero chance to do anything, who would be expecting that? lol

But anyway, hoping for more 1-2 hour Solo races too, can't be online enough time for the longer ones.
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Im not gonna play ANOTHER STUPID RACE until you fix you GODAMN DESINC. yes, be aware desinc is a possibility and you wont die, but when it warps you back after five seconds, and surrounds you with mobs, WELL THAT JUST SUCKS DOESNT IT????

I love the game but this is too much
Grr... Died to Merveil because she ignored my decoy on her backside and instead melee struck/stunlocked me 3 swings in a row. I put myself in a bad position, so it was my own stupid fault, but would like to see decoy totems actually decoy mobs, sometimes.

Also, RNG raped me. Didn't get a tribal maul or a blacksmith's whetstone until right after I bought a magic tribal maul from tarkleigh. Then I got a nice Mallet and decided with ~13 minutes left it would be worth it to kill merveil. Whoops! Should have just farmed Coves.

RNG must see american IPs in races, I've had 2 races in a row with horrid drops/luck.
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Desynced twice and then got bad drops on my third try, not enough to get me to lvl11 on short time. Had fun, want to do more 1hour solo races!


2 bad rares :(
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Started 30 minutes late, didn't even make minimum level, uggh.

Why so bad?
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