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Feature Request:
Hello, is it possible to add font family and size selections in options? Your tool seems sweet and everyone recommends it but current fonts are completely unreadable for me.
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Hello. Add plz 3.2.2b Unique items. Thank you.
Hi, can you make special counter for gladiator's Violent Retilation node? I think it can be useful to calculate damage bonuses and block chance if you've been hit by monster (or hit yourself)
A small oversight: In the saboteur ascendancy, bomb specialist node, the bonus mine laying speed does not seem to be taken into account if you indicate you have detonated mines recently.
vaal double strike dps seems wrong

double strike have x2 DPS multiplier in section skill dps
but vaal double strike dont have.
can't find Indigon option in conculation.
I would love to see a Pantheon integration so we can more easily calculate things such as the 5% reduced dot damage taken for RF, Oni Gorashi, Blood rage and other such abilities for example and allow the modifiers to other pantheons as well when X situation happens.

PS: your missing the gluttony belt from the Items list.
When I try to import a character, nothing happens. I get a list of all my guys, but their tree doesn't show up. Any ideas on what I might be doing wrong?
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why does "global physical damage" increase my ignite DPS when "normal" increases to physical damage does not?

EDIT: i guess, cause it is scaling up my "base" DMG which the weapon and this is the base for the ignite right? ^^

EDIT2: why does chin sol "close range" does not affect the ignite dmg. my thought was that the "bow damage" + all added damage is the "base" for ignite right now. i am confused as fuck :-D.

EDIT3: "100% More Damage with Arrow Hits at Close Range" does not include ailments obviously. they fucked up ignite so hard that even the next buffs to ignite wont be enough ^^.
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Thanks for all the work done this app :-) its a fav of mine

Would it be possible to add a feature to allow the app to interrogate our stash tabs to look for item/gear upgrades?

Like the (wow) gear opitmiser function.

Thanks again for all your / teams hard work

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