Race Event Season One announced!

it begins...
"Tangata ako ana i te whare, te turanga ki te marae, tau ana"
Sounds incredibly cool. Can't wait to check it out. You guys continue to impress!
Chris wrote:
...they test your playskill and luck

and LUCK!! Oo
from 0.10.0 patch notes: "Fixed a bug where you could add Piety to your friends list." xD
No cutthroat :(
You expect me to act as something I'm not? I picked this name for a reason.
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Where's the cutthroat? Don't pull a D3 pvp on us! :P
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- Entire season is disclosed. (love the episode reference)

- Unique items, catering to those who want unique stuff

- Some of those are actually useful

- Progression system - eventually everyone can get all those rewards


- Currency awards felt far more motivating.

- Season 2 will surely have better rewards (i can see where this concept is going) but this is season 1 - you need to rake in and sustain current player base.


- Incorporate a currency "bag" that can be purchased with reward points. Doesn't have to be as crazy as 30+ currencies.

- Incorporate a "item bag" that includes links/socket based items that can be used anywhere from level 50+

The requirement for these "bags" can be decided by you guys. I just think that incorporating these 2 should be fairly easy, and motivational enough for the non-unique oriented people to participate in the race.

As much as i like the changes to the race, i'm a bit turned off by the lack of motivation for actual progression.
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This is a really great idea. I'm not going to play any other game this year am I :P
awesome! now to come up with an excuse to stay home for the weekends

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