Race Event Season One announced!

Hmm, all this stuff is really interesting and i am really excited to start. But have you GGG guys taken any precautions against cheating players? I mean especially in 1 hour races things like Maphack will give them a huge advantage over fair playing players. I am sure that you are aware of this problem, i hope you have some stuff in pipe to prevent this. It is really concerning how much stuff on the dark side already exists.
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ladies and gentlemen the penis-meter starts on weekend dont miss

thx for your work
Zaqwert wrote:
If uniques are ever scoured do they lose their artwork?
Path of CI
love those prices......check!
can't wait for start...check!

GG to GGG and a big thx :)
this is gonna be fun
Excited. Thanks GGG.

Any chance getting these events uploaded to a Google Calendar?

So I can easily shift around my IRL schedule.. to race in PoE.
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madsurgery wrote:
I see that all your events and races are tailored to those people who can actually play for extended periods of time. People who work with long shifts and busy schedules are actually penalized in POE .... such a pity actually ! I believe the philosophy should be re-evaluated here.

...to a game where you can get everything with playing less than 10h per week?
you might want to stick to games from the big publishers
Awesome! Any chance you could make an iCalendar for all the events so we can get notifications prior to the events' starts? :)
loving this system :)
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for gear and build
are these RP's given on progress or level or on place in the ladder or is it something else?

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