Race Event Season One announced!

Sweet. I like the way you've planned these. I don't expect to get any places in individual races - I'll just be going for PBs - so lifetime points are great for amateurs like me.
Are we going to get any information on how the scoring will work, or is that going to remain a secret?
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Gensou wrote:
xTANKx wrote:
None of these awards seem like they'll help my Rangers progress so not a lot of incentive to race that much. I'll watch though and see how this season goes, maybe next season will have awards that I would use . Although i guess selling the items is always an option.

Interested in seeing how this goes.

Being and adult with a full time job/family i'm not sure i'd be able to compete anyway. These season things seem like they'd favor people with a lot of spare time and few responsibilities.

Go be casual somewhere else.

So only jobless people can be real gamers? -_-

I like the fact that you get some prizes from playing alot and everything but I personally think the fact that the individual races don't give any real prices themselves is just retarded.
You will probably have to play in the majority of the races to be able to get all the prizes and that's a whooping total of 6 items... from playing ~100 races.
Couldn't they have at least given a small amount of currency as prizes for top5 or reaching a certain lvl?
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Chris, could you clarify if you guys are at all considering progression-focused races for future events, where number 1 is not necessarily the highest EXP but the one that gets farthest in the content? I don't believe I ever saw a GGG answer to any requests on the matter. You guys have got to be aware that it's a popular request and of how much more interesting those types of race events would be.

On the subject of the current announcement, I'm not entirely sure about the race rewards myself either. Could the uniques and white items at least always have perfect rolls, to improve their value? I feel that you guys are overstating the value of unique artwork just a bit (though I must admit they look VERY impressive, kudos to your art team). Do the items also look unique in-game in their 3D models? I feel at least that would also be very important.

I feel that orb rewards could still be a thing, maybe just harder to obtain (perhaps with each threshold breach and item won you'd win a small number of random orbs, like 4 to 7). A lot of players will have little to no use for many of the item rewards shown here, outside of maybe twinking low-level characters.

I'm still glad races are back and with so many events. I just hope you guys can use feedback to take them to the next level in the future.
seems amazing \o/ cant wait!
Holy crap!!! This looks like a good move from devs. I really like the idea of personal treshhold in getting items, and then..overall exp bar to get some other items.
It should return 80% of an MTX's current cost as points that can then be spent as I wish... not tossing something in and getting one of a thousand random results...
This all looks really good, but I cant help but cringe when I look at all those 4am start times....
Was waiting for this announcement for so long now. My excitement went from sky high to the bottomless pit in just a few clicks... really. 109 races and for all the effort u gonna win what 5 crappy unique items??? REALLY, REALLY? Cuz don't kid yourself all the Demigods gonna be shared within a certain pool of max 50 people. What was wrong with the currency rewards? SO the whole league becomes like practice runs which have a ladder attached to them? Am I missing something, just can't express my disappointment...
Awesome work by GGG. I wasn't expecting this at all. Great game so far, keep up the good work.

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