Russian Garena User Account Migration

plz save the russian in-game npc voices translation.
love ggg
Все. Очень. Плохо
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The transfer will be to a new account or already available? google translete
if the Russian localization, I see no reason to play the euro will not be added after the transfer, since without Russian server. With 200+ ping no thanks
google transl
Need RU servers for play on HC leagues plssss GGG <3333333
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Hello Chris. Great News!!!

Wanna find out 2 thing:
1) i have same accounts (i mean login/mail and passwords) on euro and russian servers - how to do migrations in that situation?
2) on russian server i have 2 accounts with characters 90+ and with microtransactions. Is it possible migrate them in 1 account on this server?

Thank you!
Akline wrote:
the garnea servers had insane events, that where not voided..
will all these items simply get migrated aswell?
i mean, i feel cheated

Yo, good job GGG love you (no homo)
русни еще не хватало лол
Can i transfer all things from garena accaunt to this account?

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