Russian Garena User Account Migration

What about garena gateways (Moscow, Novosibirsk, Vladivostok etc)? Will they be closed? It is very hard to play with 150-250 ping from Far East and Siberia.

What about the Russian localization? Immediate change-over? Eventual change-over? Or open-ended question mark?
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Bad news for game publishers in CIS :(
Bad news for Russian players who invest TON of time to create or migrate builds to CIS.
Sad day :(
Aaron Ciccheli, a guy who made millions running Diablo and PoE RMT sites, owns a significant portion of GGG. How's that for a conflict of interest? 7.5% of your supporter pack money goes to this guy.
GGG pls save Novosibirsk gateway for siberian and eastern players.
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So i'll have 2 accounts with one email and nickname ??
how we should transfer our accounts from garena?
the garnea servers had insane events, that where not voided..
will all these items simply get migrated aswell?
i mean, i feel cheated
whether it added Russian localization of the game client with a complete translation?
Какая жаль.

Chris wrote:
A3Phantom wrote:
What about PoE in Steam, will it be available for us again?


Wow, finally!

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