[3.8] Tanky Aurabot - a combined Guide

Karunga wrote:
Greetings Exiles.
This is the secret how to run all the Auras and Shav's-Seller hate me for it!
Hi, OP. Any plans to update this build? There's another build based on yours but neither has been updated for a while. I like aspects of both versions but haven't found an anti-Chaos solution that I've liked yet.

I wanted to play a support myself and was looking through guides. The best budget guide I found was the Party Jesus made by Karunga. I was following his guide, but late in the game I didn't feel tanky enough. Thats why this build was created.
Link to his thread:
Small Anouncement:

I've played a few different flavours on Aurabots the last leagues and also tryed the Support Champion.
I found him suprisingly Tanky due to several Factors.

My Genereal Idea for 3.1 is a Life Focused Support Guardian - again with Victarios, with 3 Puritys on Generosity and many different Layers of Defense. (Currently considering Reckless Defense + Maxblock).

We will probably have to ditch a Damage Aura but I personally consider Wrath pretty underwhelming here.
I would instead like to try Maxblock + Iron Reflexes for me and 3Puritys + Determination on GENEROSITY for the Party. Wont be the uber-min-max shit you see on other builds but I simply dont want to die and run any content. Also Ithink i finally get rid of the Animated Guardian. 2 Years now on 13 Aurabot's but this bastard will simply not survive. The gets killed on Breach bosses, dies to Lab-Traps, Chayula, Shaper, Atziri. So yeah, I just dont think wasteing 2 Gemslots on a starved Char like this is worth it if you just gonna use it for trash ...

As soon as we see the Patchnotes + new Skilltree im gonna run the Numbers and make an Update.
Hey! Sorry for being delayed, stupid or just unable to read, but: Will You update this build for 3.1 in main post? I really like to paly some support but im so dumb with it, and Your build sounds foun af. I want to try at as league starter in 3.1.

Cheers! Big love! :3
Ye Update has cometh!

Please have look.
Big new thing is AoE Fortify with the Vigil (its not new, I just never updated this build since 2.6).
Im no longer using a Spelltotem for 1 Bonus Aura, but you still can if you want.

Other than that feel free to check out my charakter this League - my Profil is public.

Im open for Questions, have a great Start in Abyss and stay safe!
Are the mana nodes behind Mind Over Matter not worth it anymore?
So.. i dont really see the 3.1 update. Are you gonna update the post? I am following your profile but is the rest still the same simply? 2.5 is really old O_O
I see your Point.
Well im not sure if I recall correctly.

Inspiration was added (so far as i remember) with the MoM Rework in 2.6.
The +100 Flat Mana and %inc there where amazing for Mana-Pumping Guardians.
Also in 2.6 Victatious Influence would receive that massiv buff. (They also buffed Glacial Hammer by 6% btw. ...)
And they introduced The Vigil - which is the single most massive Supportskill if you have ever seen one.
But coming to 3.0 there was no significant Skilltree rework that affekted this build, neither did Auras receive any change in regards to cost.

So basically you could still run the "original" Idea - which is 1 Aura in a Totem.
I won't do it this League, as it is simply not necessary for my Group.

What I did is I rerouted the Tree to have a litte more Focus on Life + Iron Reflexes.
[Therefor I skip +1 Curse and MoM]
I feel very safe right now, having 2000 Life unreserved and 4000 ES. When my party goes to Chayula ill probably shut down Determination and AA to get to 3k Life and we will see if that is enough.

Havent fought Lich so far, but the other Abyss Encounters seemingly dont have Chaos Dmg.

ONE BIG PLUS: the new God can be upgraded to make you immun to Poision - so you dont need to mind that when rollign Maps.
Why to run purities on generosity? Isn't that make us a bit weak
I died a few times when I was around 4k ES. Mind you we where running T14+ at that time and I did not rerole anything exeot Ele Reflekt / no-Regen.

Mostly it was stupid stuff.
Frost Nova on a -maxres map, igonring Detonate Dead Strongboxes, going to the toilet while Elder Phase 2...

My Point is you dont care about phys anymore and with Rumi's I block quiet some dmg.
Me getting hit by Ele Attacks is no big deal if I play carefull in dangerous Maps.
Putting the Puritys in Victarious makes them much mach cheaper and their effekt is stronger.
Buff the same +maxres as the dudes in Alphas with +1 Vaaled Gems when yours is only 20.

Make it 21 and in a +1 Vaaled Victariou's and you got another point in maxres.
Just in case your carries dont know the dangers.
It's a great build but is it possible if you can share/add a tree for the lowlife route?

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