[3.8] Tanky Aurabot - a combined Guide

can you make leveling section for newplayer pls
Sooo... 3.8 changed some Guardian:

NSFW Guardian 3.8

I will therefor go Guardian again this League.
Im planning a little Variation on my Charakter from Synthesis-League, supporting an All-Lightning Summoner this League.
You can check him out in the original Post, or my charakter in Progress during League.

Not too much on the Skilltree,
Skitterbots and Stormblastmines are new for us.
Stormblastmines "3% Damage taken Debuff" does not scale with Auraeffect - this has been cleared up by the DEV's.

Ill do an Overhaul of my Guide ~1 week after release.
The Charakter Migration always fuck with the Item Links and I dont want to mess up prizes for my Items too much.

Have a great start!

btw.: I think we could level with a Zombie+Feeding Frency+Holy Relic 4L
i haven't seen much change sadly.

your character is completely different from the build though
steijn wrote:
i haven't seen much change sadly.

your character is completely different from the build though

Yes my Leagues Charakter is usually not the one from the Guide.

The Guide is a working Model for People to adapt and have fun.
Im having fun trying different Styles with my Aurabots, since I play them ever League since 3 years.

Sadly I found out that people have trouble reading through the mechanics and doijng their own stuff, so here I have a carefree thing that they can follow without thinking about it.
Cause I do understand the time everyone has is different and if you just wanna rush in having these Builds is convenient as hell =).
I am totally new to POE!

but I am lost as to what passive skills to add, could you update it for us? >.<

Guardian POB is broken - no items or gems!
My guardian(can just check my profile(GV just gives 30 aura effect)) might be a bit of a luxury version but it has 19 reservations(17 auras+spider+stone stance). 12k es, +200ms,95k armour, 86 all res for my carry and 87 87 88 for myself. Also CI. Only downside is no regeneration, but recharge with wicked ward is good enough really. I gave up on anime boy and spectres due to them sometimes dying(no minion nodes on tree and i often charge full speed away from them). Using zombies for onslaught and self-defence, as those are good and expendable minions.

Btw, while i was enchanting the helmet, i was using 4link zombies and was using pride and blood stance. Damage was enough to solo carry full party full keys.
Vaal Pact is dead, long live Vaal Pact!
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