The Exiled Sale Recipe Book (spoilers)

Did they deactivate the 7 iron ring + coral ring recipe, or does it have to be all white iron rings?

Does not work.

Edit (2 weeks later): Oops, there are 5 blue iron rings in there, which takes precedence. The recipe priority should be changed.
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I really like this thread. Might be great for a new player out there.
GGG listens to its fans!!! Thank you!
About the recipe for the Armorer's & Blacksmith's Whetstone, all the items's quality have to be up to 40 .
So for example :
Sword 30% Quality
Axe 2% Quality
Stuff 8% Quality
= 40% Quality ... so you have your Blacksmith's Whetstone ... :D
Great work on compiling this information for us. Many thanks!
Audentes Fortuna Iuvat
Recipe: Vaal Orb
Reward: 7 Vaal gems + vaal fragment
Finder: Peachii

Recipe/reward backwards???
Not sure if this counts as a recipe.
Selling a Bitterdream unique gives you:
Level.1 Reduced Mana Support Gem
Level.1 Mana Leech Support Gem
Level.1 Cold Pentration Support Gem
Level.1 Ice Bite Support Gem
Level.1 Hypothermia Support Gem
Level.10 Added Cold Damage Support Gem

Edit: Nevermind, didn't realize this thread wasn't updated anymore. The vendor results have already been in the wiki.
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