Content Update 2.1.0: Talisman Challenge Leagues, New Skills and more!

Im really excited with new skills, esence drain sounds interesting, I want to try how will work a build based on this new chaos skills. Also esence drain seems to gain a big benefit with spell damage so im thinking about some kind of 6L-ED, blasphemy-vulnerability-temporal chains, and maybe righteous fire playing with Purity of fire, AA and rise of the phoenix, depending on balance changes on skills, tree and items. Good job GGG
Holy crap, haven't played since last xpack launch and figured I would come see whats up. A new xpack early next year and a major content patch in 10 days? How do they do this and why can't any other come close to the amazing speed you guys produce content! Back on the hype train for me!
The BEST GAME EVER just got better :)
New phys dmg skills look so cool! Getting hyped for PoE again!
CEMEHbl4 wrote:
Gruentod wrote:

Personally, I think the tier of these talismans should be explicitly stated on their description as it is with maps. If tiers are this important to the gameplay and game mechanics, then there shouldn't be any subtlety or guesswork involved,

Lol! its just item LVL! ilvl 20 = 1T, 40 = 2T, 60 = 3T or similar! u need to read wiki once...

No... The item level is dependent upon the zone level it drops in. If you're talking about a level requirement, then that is a different thing. You need to re-read the wiki, because you do not understand the itemlevel concept yet.
Is 1 month league???
new league is for how long tho
Rayzabladez wrote:

Ahhh...not again.

I like this game a lot, but these new coming updates and the nerfing of popular skills... and another skill tree wipe will be the end for me, I think. ... I don't want to have to start again, the last skill tree wipe was bad enough, thanks.

I hear ya! I've been playing since Open Beta -- IMHO, PoE is quickly becoming the game you play while you wait for the other games to come out. :-)

Fortunately, or unfortunately, GGG's philosophy is to keep the meta constantly evolving. :-/ Some people like this, some don't. i.e. My wife quit due to her skill tree constantly being reset and she had no idea what her build was supposed to be. The harsh reality is that GGG is never going to stop futzing with the game. If we could get the ability to "tag" nodes so we could "soft-plan" our build it would help ease the migration when the passive tree is reset.

If GGG would stop nerfing existing builds, all in the excuse of "balance", it would appease us veterans who just want to "complete" our build instead of starting (almost) over from scratch each new league / season. Since that ain't going to happen, what I've done to keep the game fresh is:

* Take a few months break and play other games
* Race
* Switching to Hardcore (partially because the economy isn't as fucked as up standard)

I really wish there was a thread only for us veteran players (who have been playing the game for at least 2+ years) where we could consolidate and voice our opinions. Shiny is great and all, but some of the long standing issue really need to be addressed. Hopefully sooner before we get bored of the game.

I'm sure this has been asked before, but as much as i would like to have the time to read >40 pages of questions and answers, i don't, i'm sorry :(

But for me a really important Question is:
Will the Talismans and the new League-Specifics (sacrifices,...) be taken over to Standard once the League finishes, or will they be league only, like Rampage for example?

Not saying one of both possibilities would be better than the other, I'd just like to know beforehand, so i know what i should use my limited playing time with :)

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